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We asked founders how they prepare for Web Summit and why they decided to participate in Online edition.

Web Summit 2020 is going to be online and it expects to reach 100K visitors from around the world. The conference takes place on 2-4 December 2020 on Western European Time (Lisbon/London/Dublin).

Art Curator Grid

Startup Reporter (SR): -Willy Bardiot, please, tell us what your startup is doing? Where did the idea come from and why you decided to work on it?

Willy:Art Curator Grid is a professional social media platform gathering artists, curators, and art professionals around art Exhibitions.
Our tailor-made solutions allow them to connect with each other, post about their work, and curate online exhibitions in order to grow their audiences globally.

Our idea came from the fact that curators lack recognition and online resources to excel in their profession. Our founder is a curator herself who saw this challenge.

Curators are the maestros behind art exhibitions, defining the concept and selecting the artists to show in museums or other art institutions. Our idea is to spotlight their work and give them the necessary tools to help them shape future art exhibitions, connect with other art professionals and find new opportunities.

SR: – Willy, please, tell us what do you expect from your participation in the Web Summit 2020?

Willy: – Our main goal for this year is to network and meet investors to start building some potential partnerships, get feedback on our pitch and prepare for our next round of funding.

Art Curator Grid Team
Art Curator Grid Team

SR: Why did you decide to participate in the Web Summit Online Edition?

Willy: – Several reasons led us to participate in the Web Summit this year.
We wanted first to have a deadline to work on our pitch. It’s always more motivating to have a tangible goal when you start iterating on crafting the best version of it. As we are considering applying to a Startup Accelerator program next year, we believe this would be a good training opportunity.

Another reason came from the fact we are a Portuguese startup without Portuguese founders, so it was important for us to be part of the Lisbon ecosystem and to show that we are here. On this topic, StartUp Portugal organization is doing a great job by offering a bootcamp called “Road 2 WebSummit” where they gather all the attending Portuguese startups to prepare for the event, provide tips, mentoring exercises and webinars.

The last reason is to know what are the latest trends in the startup world, get some inspiration for new ideas and see what others are doing. As an art tech startup, we are mainly talking to the art industry and participating in art events, however, it’s important for our team to connect with the tech ecosystem. That’s why we decided this year to let our tech team participate in the event to maintain this growth energy and connection with the tech startups. 6 of us will be participating this year both on the art side and tech side.

We were part of the offline Web Summit last year as attendees without a booth, mainly for this last reason.

SR: What would be your advice for better preparation for Web Summit to other founders who think to participate in an online conference?

Willy: – My advice is to prepare in advance and to do a ton of research on the people you want to meet. During an online conference, you can’t bump into someone and start a conversation, so you have to prepare who you will reach out to and how to get his/her attention.

There is no hack there, it’s just a lot of time and commitment to know your audience and personalize your messages as much as possible.

SR: – What would you like to wish the readers?

Willy: – I wish everyone a safe holidays season given this pandemic. There has never been this much online content around startups than during this time, I hope you can take advantage of it to learn and expand your ideas.