Ukrainian startups at Web Summit 2022

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Europe’s biggest tech conference Web Summit, is back in Lisbon from November 1-4.

  • Ukrainian start-ups and tech companies raised almost €351 mln in the first six months of 2022
  • The country’s tech talent pool counts nearly 300,000 developers
  • The export volume of computer services for the first half of 2022 has reached €3.75 bln, which is 23% more than for the same period of 2021

Meet the Ukrainian startups that will take part in Startup Showcase

Startup Showcase brings together startups from a range of industries to present their company and vision to our attendees, investors and members of the international media.

HR & Recruitment

PeopleForce – is all-In-one HRM software that helps businesses to manage talents.

Stand PS101, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Andrew Cetinic (Managing Director), Anastasia Yefinmenko (Operational Director), Tatiana Dumanova (Sales Director), Mykola Mykhaylov (VP of Growth)
One additional fact: 400 clients, 50K active users, 5.7 x growth since first seed round 2021, $100K MRR

PeopleForce solution for websummit

Happy Monday Club – personalized remote work platform and community for 1 bln people who will work remotely by 2035.

Stand A437, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Kyrylo Mazur (Co-founder), Anna Mazur (CEO), Max Grant (Analyst)
One additional fact: 1200 companies using the platform, 450K monthly visitors, 50K job matches.

AI & machine learning

birb – map-first rentals browser. Works in London and Kyiv.

Stand PS102, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Arsenii Feshchenko (Designer), Vova Kubytskyi (Head of AI), Denys Tsyganok (co-founder)
One additional fact: 250K users in Kyiv.

birb solution for websummit

Insight.Me! – AI-based service for matching Entrepreneurs and Advisers worldwide for quality consultancy.

Stand A304, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Vladyslav Christianinov (CEO, CDO), Oksana Vodonos (CBDO), Anastasia Parashchuk (Head of Marketing).
One additional fact: AI-matching not only from the practical side but also by the psycho type of the person / to make meetings as effective as possible.

Enterprise software solutions

Bug Hunter is a tool and a service for tech companies to achieve a better quality of their software products.

Bug hunter solution for websummit

Stand A738, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Konstantin Klyagin (Founder), Kateryna Chernous (SMM)
One additional fact: since 2015 – 300 projects tested, and 30 QA engineers.

ArchFormation – get ready cloud infrastructure with DevOps processes in minutes

ArchFormation how works

Stand A746, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Dmytro Hachok (Software Architect), Iryna Poida (Head of Marketing), Anastasiia Shakhmatova (PR Specialist). helps define code quality before it’s written, connect wireframes with features description, and quickly bring your product into development.

Stand A764, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Andrew Kovalchuk (CTO), Anna Vdovychenko (Project Manager), Maksym Ostrozhynskyy (Chief Design Officer).

Festi provides a low-code rapid development toolkit that lets customers bypass limitations by offering quick time-to-market solutions.

Stand A759, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Denys Stukalenko (Chief Business Development Officer), Yuliia Syla (QA Manager). – the tracker-checker which enables you the creation of a short tracking link with instant tests from different devices & locations and a proactive alert system.

Stand A744, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Ivan Liashenko (CEO), Oleksii Parkhomenko (CTO), Valeriia Veres (CPO).

LexBerry – the all-in-one B2B SaaS solution for the automation of intellectual property assets management processes.

Stand A716, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Oleksii Serdiuk (CTO), Tetiana Chernega (Business Development), Eduard Akhramovych (CEO).

Qoteq – creating a unified digital ecosystem to manage companies. Allowing business employees to “code” with business terms.

qoteq platform

Stand A730, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Yaroslav Kologryvov (CEO), Vitor Cruz (Senior Advisor), Timur Shemsedinov (CTO), Eugene Yukhno (CPO).

Uspacy – a single digital workspace for organizing the daily processes of companies: communication in a team, collaboration, tasks and CRM.

Stand A710, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Dmytro Suslov (CEO), Kyrylo Melnychuk (CTO), Spartak Polishchuk (CPO).

Data Science & analytics

Cybrex – Use AI to detect illegal content on the Internet

Stand A832, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Anna Fedosieieva (CEO), Viktor Kishchenko (CTO), Andrii Humeniuk.

Plerdy – The professional suite of CRO and SEO tools to track, analyze, and convert your visitors into buyers

Stand A832, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Marta Rogach (Business Development), Viktoriia Chorna (Customer Success Manager), Andriy Chornyy (CEO).

Advertising, content & marketing is a startup that develops sales automation software. The current version of Dooozen automates social selling on LinkedIn.

Dooozen platform

Stand PS108, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Max Sydorenko (co-founder, head of sales and marketing), Michael Chepurniak (co-founder, UX/UI designer).
One additional fact: since the beta version was released in Dec 2021 – 500 installs and 300 active users.

eWizard – an enterprise-level multichannel content management platform that helps plan, create, approve and deploy content at scale.

Stand B716, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Anastasiia Tykhonova (CMO), Oksana Pashchenko (Business Architect), Yuliia Maliarchuk (Account Director), Anna Malivska (Area Product Owner).

Getpin – SaaS for multi-location businesses to increase the number of customers and loyalty by using online experience automation.

Stand B705, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Vladimir Leshchenko (Founder), Ihor Azarov, Fernando Mancha.
One additional fact: 32 large enterprises with $19K LTV and $1.7K CAC, 43K locations managed, a team of 14 people.

SendPulse – All-in-one Marketing & Sales Automation Platform: email, chatbots, SMS, web push, landing page builder, online course creator, and free CRM.

Stand B706, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Olga Kukharuk (Partnership coordinator), Diego Silva (Head of Latin America), Bianca Coscia (Marketing Manager).

Coaty World provides brands with new and simple migration to the metaverse, aiming to increase their awareness and promote their product.

Stand A808, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Oleksandr Khomin (CEO), Viacheslav Pleshkov (Software Engineer).

Hardware & IoT

i3 Engineering – solutions for Smart Home and Building Automation that consist of Atom series controllers, software, and i3 Home App.

i3 Engineering app

Stand PS107, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Viktoriia Honcharenko (PR & Communication manager), Mykhailo Vorko (CMO).
One additional fact: 40 completed projects, €100K worth of customers.

Iziviz – AI-powered drones for safe visual inspection of industrial assets. Currently focused on making drones for defenders of beloved Ukraine.

Stand B315, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Slava Demchuk, Roman Rempel (CEO).

E-commerce & retail

Jiffsy – no-code frontend platform for e-commerce with AI recommendations to launch an engaging storefront in a few clicks and rocket sales by 20%

Jiffsy for websummit

Stand PS108, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Vitalii Sydorenko (CEO), Dima Sydorenko (CTO), Milena Zhuraieva (Business Development).
One additional fact: 16 paying customers, $500K GMV, €4438 MRR in July 2022.


Keiki – helps parents around the world instil a love of learning in children by creating high-quality educational content and keeping it fun

Keiki for websummit

Stand PS103, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Inna Maksymenko (CEO), Daryna Tarasiuk (Head of strategic marketing), Denys Artomov (Head of User Acquisition).
One additional fact: the product ecosystem includes 19 localizations, 2nd place in the Top free iPhone apps “Kids 5 & Under” category & users love our app in the USA. – the application is intended for the formation of a sustainable skill in the user: managing own emotions and emotions of others

Stand PS105, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Olga Panok (co-founder), Elizabeth Stukalova, Gnat Panok (CFO).

Headway – a global EdTech startup that helps people grow in a fun and easy way by making enjoyable products for the smartphone age.

Headway Interface

Stand B412, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Oleksandr Yaroshenko (Head of Strategy & Investments), Anton Pavlosky (CEO), Anastasiia Mashchuk (Business Development), Olga Shapovalova (Head of Partnership).
One additional fact: a team of 160+ people across 3 continents, 495K monthly users of the free version app, 470K subscribers on Headway app with full content access, 15 million downloads from 140+ countries.

KiteTools – a task tracker for psychological support for parents and their children, which gamifies the daily routine and helps restore the child’s psychological state.

Stand A459, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Dmytro Kompanets (Co-founder & CTO).

Sustainability & cleantech

Releaf Paper – The world’s first paper producer made of fallen leaves. They create sustainable paper products for FMCG brands and the packaging industry

Stand PS106, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Alexander Sobolenko (CEO), Valentyn Frechka (CTO), Hanna Kuznetsova (Head of communication).
One additional fact: 150 tons produced, €165K revenue, National & International IP.

Carbominer develops a CO2 direct air capture technology to fuel a transformation towards a more sustainable indoor agriculture ecosystem.

Carbominer's DAC Unit near the greenhouse

Stand PS208, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Viktoria Oseyko (CMO & Investor Relations), Nick Oseyko (CEO & Founder).
One additional fact: 1 patent application in Ukraine, CO2 technology certification in Ukraine, 3 patent applications (PPA) to US PTO.


SIMIA is a distributed audio and video communication platform with an in-built payment system. Earn with no limit.

Stand A209, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Pavlo Chabanov (CEO), Denis Druzhkov (co-founder), Daria Agapova (Communication Leader), Yehor Bilenky (Esports manager).

Allbridge Core offers a native stablecoin bridging experience, enabling seamless cross-chain saps between EVM and non-EVM blockchains.

Stand B201, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Andriy Velykyy (CEO), Pavlo Velykyi (CBDO), Ivan Kononenko (Marketing Manager), Yuriy Savchenko (CTO).

Easy Peasy Insurtech – neo-insurance platform enables drivers to optimise motor insurance on a pay-per-mile basis. No fuss, no-nonsense and quick.

Stand A262, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Marina Avdyeyeva (Founder).
One additional fact: since the launch in October 2020 in Ukraine – 1000 clients who regularly top up their CASCO-kilometers (despite wartime).

Philanthropy & social good

AlterEgo helps Ukrainian refugees and people with mental health issues improve their well-being through psychotherapy and art NFTs

Stand A511, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Olesya Yampolska (CEO), Anna-Maria Yanush (R&D), Kristina Kulish (CMO).

Social media & networking

Obimy – social media for GenZ where your Mood is content.

Stand B718, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Zhenya Zasutskyi (CEO), Myroslava Klymenko (Project Manager), Viacheslav Miekh (Product Owner), Maksym Iliukhin (Head of product).
One additional fact: 9M users with virtually zero marketing budget, strong network effect – 1 user invites at least 2 new users, reached top 1 AppStore rating in 45 countries, $800K in revenues to date (Aug 2022).

Tingl – a secure decentralized messenger built upon BAMM transport protocol, enriched with creator features to enhance content creation and sharing.

Stand A844, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 5
Team: Jemma Vaivala (CPO).
One additional fact: BAMM is a layer 3 open-source security powerhouse sharing its benefits with the products built on it, no metadata collected.


Fuzzybird – the first on-the-market extension-based security solution with real-time threat detection deployed on the client’s side, that is, your device.

Stand A204, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Serhii Stelmakh (CEO), Ivan Soroka (R&D Engineer), Yulianna Yussef (Sales Manager).
One additional fact: the MVP was validated (winner) at Sparta CyberSecurity Hackathon; positive feedback from a group of leading organizations in the cybersecurity domain, such as SMILE and CIRCL – owners of the MISP Open Source Threat Intelligence & Sharing Platform.

Sports, fitness & wellness

PainCave – fitness platform for indoor cyclists.

Stand A158, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Stanislav Zayarsky (CEO), Eugenia Nemkova (CMO).

Gaming, VR & AR

Selecta – an AI-powered platform that makes it easier and more enjoyable to find a new game to play.

Stand A109, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Iurii Usov (co-founder & Senior sales leader), Nina Zamidra (Project Manager), Yevgen Lopatin (co-founder & Senior sales leader).

Ukrainian Pavilion at WebSummit – F1, E117

Prominent startups, VC funds, IT service companies, government institutions, and ecosystem organizations of Ukraine are gathering together to present the biggest tech hub in Eastern Europe to the world.

2 November

Medtech & pharma

DeHealth – AI&Mediacal data-based mobile dApp to securely and autonomously store users’ medical data, share, manage and monetize it with the DHLT token.

DeHealth for websummit

Stand PS108, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 3
Team: Denys Tsvaid (CEO), Marina Fedotova (Communication manager), Anna Bondarenko (Managing Partner), Vyroslava Berezovska (Interpretor).
One additional fact: 43 countries in 4 continents, 60K engaged users in 3 weeks, 130K active community users, 3K token holders worldwide.

Liki24 – healthcare marketplace that connects 1M+ customers, 10K+ pharmacies, laboratories, pharma producers, and insurers in a single ecosystem.

Stand PS101, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Anton Avrynskyi (CEO), Mykola Solomiichuk (CFO), Dmytro Shapovalov (BD Partner), Serhii Fadieiev (Head of business excellence).
One additional fact: 1.2 million clients in 27K cities in Europe, $30 million run/rate GMV by year end, 30% share of the EU GMV

eCommerce & retail

Lookerz – ML-powered Outfits, Tags, and Similar items. SaaS service for fashion eCommerce that boosts revenue by 12% with personalized recommendations.

Stand PS107, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Svitalana Sutyrina (CEO), Nataly Trusova (Business Development and Sales).
One additional fact: 5 B2B customers, $7500 MRR (Dec 2021).

Enterprise software solutions

Kycaid – compliance management system that covers all needs of businesses dictated by the regulators and international compliance standards no matter what.

Stand PS104, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 1
Team: Mykola Mashkovskyi (CEO), Ievgen Borysenko (CLO), Farrukh Shukurov.

Adminix helps companies automate workflow processes faster using low-code automation software based on serverless architecture.

Stand PS102, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Oksana Voronova (COO), Christian Dyl (CEO), Andrii Zaikin.
One additional fact: The product was launched in July publicly, 3 ongoing PoCs, 2 paying clients, and 3 technical partnerships signed.

Advertising, content & marketing

Revisior – comprehensive feedback and NPS system. It provides service analytics for a complete situation understanding and its solution.

Stand PS106, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Serhii Shapirenko (CEO), Ihor Voloshko (CBDO), Anastasia Sakharova (BDM).

Banner Boo – AI-powered ad design platform for accelerating and automating ad creation processes. Animated and video ads for all kinds of platforms.

Stand PS103, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Mykhailo Kheina, Nadiia Yuzkova (CTO), Olha Karpets (Business Development).

AI & machine learning

SkinnerAI – a synthetic Data ecosystem that helps build libraries from uploaded 3D assets for AI training. The solution that brings the new world closer.

Stand PS105, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Alexander Pak (founder), Mike Chobaian (founder), Andriy Koloty.

3 November


Trustee – the first crypto neo bank offering a full range of services for buying, selling and exchanging crypto.

Trustee for websummit

Stand PS102, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Vadym Grusha (CEO), Luda Kukuietu (Lawyer & Content marketer), Anton Khvastunov (CBDO).


Choice 31 – online university for switching careers and upgrading skills.

Stand PS107, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Yevheniia Tiurina (CEO), Uliana Movchan (Head of Marketing), Sofia Patsora (Edtech researcher-analyst).
One additional fact: 306 students graduated in 9 months, 72% of students reached the end of their studies, 51% of employed students.

Medtech & pharma

MISU – mobile application & smart device which can predict critical diseases before they appear.

Stand PS106, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Volodymyr Shevchuk (CEO), Oleksandr Kolenchuk (CFO & COO), Dmytro Kruhlov (COO).
One additional fact: the whole system was tested by cardiologists in state Ukrainian clinics and the accuracy of prediction > 80%..


Awesomic – a platform that matches companies with the best-fit designers and delivers design results within 24 business hours.

Stand PS104, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Daria Telenyk (Talent Attraction and Sales Manager), Sofiia Nedilska (Talent Acquisition and Sales Manager), Tanya Korotkova (Talent Attraction and Sales Partner), Lina Kalysh (Head of Sales and Talent).
One additional fact: 1000 customers, 150 connected designers, 3x revenue since August 2021, >12K total tasks (August 2022).

Enterprise software solutions

Scopo – an efficient tool for preparing proposals. Its main goals are optimising the estimation process and increasing the proposal with rate.

Stand PS103, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 2
Team: Vasyl Khmil (CTO), Volodymyr Khmill (co-founder), Natalie Bilynska (Marketing).

4 November

Enterprise software solutions

Ubos – single low-code platform to reduce technology complexity. UBOS is designed to eliminate the gap between business and technology stakeholders.

Ubos low code platform

Stand PS101, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Andrij Bidochko (CEO), Anastasiia Chulupyn (Low Code engineer), Iryna Liadyk (CPO).

Entertainmnet & media

Stanpass – a fan engagement platform helping music artists drive revenue. Artists launch their branded games, and fans win rewards to prove their fandom.

Stand PS104, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Konstantin Yevishkin (CEO), Oleksandr Vasylenko.

eCommerce & retail

LabsArena helps researchers and manufacturers to search, search and sell scientific equipment, consumables and services.

Stand PS105, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Ievgeniia Kryvosheienko (COO), Razet Basnukaieva (Researcher), Bodgan Postolnyi (CEO).
One additional fact: 15 countries, 20 institutions, 65 items.

Organizers & Partners of Ukrainian Pavilion at WebSummit 2022

Organizers & Partners of Ukrainian Pavilion at WebSummit 2022

UNIT.City is the largest innovation park in Eastern Europe, the gate to Ukrainian tech ecosystem. UNIT.City is a prototype for the city of the future. An ecosystem that promotes innovative entrepreneurship and research. As well as the creation of companies successful in the global market By collaborating with promising startups, we create an innovative environment where the best ideas about comfort and functionality are brought to life

Flyer One Ventures (known as “F1V”) is an international VC with offices in London, Warsaw, and Kyiv that focuses on startups from the CEE region. Flyer One Ventures invests in B2B & Enterprise SaaS, EdTech, Mobile, Gaming, AI and other startups at Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stages. The VC’s team helps talented portfolio company founders grow their businesses through online marketing, product, financial, legal expertise, PR, branding and hiring R&D professionals.

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