Italian startups at Web Summit 2022

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Out of the storm of 2021, Web Summit emerged like a rocket, stronger and more ambitious than ever before.

Web Summit has become “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”, with an expected attendance of 70,000 people for this year’s edition, including 2000+ start-ups, all active in the tech industry.

Meet Italian startups joining at Web Summit 2022

AI & Machine learning

Cognivix – AI-powered pick and place for manufacturing with frequent changes and mixed environments.

Stand B304, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Daniele Bernardini (CEO), Francesco Scalise (VP of Sales), Leonardo Tassini (VP of Engineering).
One additional fact: completed the first working prototype in collaboration with TUM and raised €740K from Smart & Start Italia.

IIO – the first VaaS Ecosystem B2B2C built around the person, his needs and emotions.

Stand PS1302
Team: Pasquale Bombino (CEO), Marco Orifici (COO).
One additional fact: Proprietary AI engine based on NLP/NLU and Emotional Text Comprehension; Data Pulverization to ensure full compliance with privacy and the GDPR, based on Self Sovereign Identity.

TimelapseLab produces smart industrial devices for remote construction site management paired with software based on AI.

Stand PS1301
Team: Damiano Bauce (Founder), Lorenzo Bonzi (Digital Marketing Specialist), Davide Todella (CTO).

Innereo is an AI platform that combines emotional patterns and EDa to create personalized sound experiences.

Stand PS1309
Team: Massimo Morgante (CMO), Fabio Farina. – conversational AI and Digital Twin as a new media and interoperability tool for sharing knowledge for web, apps, VR and metaverses.

Stand A344, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Luca Lisci (Partner), Nunzio Fiore (CEO), Nicola Zambello (Web developer).

ML cube – Politecnico di Milano spin-off that provides advanced AI-based solutions and products to the market. Proposed solution – AD Cube – a platform for the optimization of multi-channel advertising campaigns.

Stand PS1305
Team: Alessandro Lavelli (ML Engineer), Davide Testoni (Full stack developer).
One additional fact: 350 publications in TOP AI conferences, high expert team.

Voiceme – combining your voice and 5 other factors, allows payments, document signing, accessing and authentication.

Voiceme app

Stand A305, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Mauro Ferri (CEO), Giuseppe Audino (COO&CTO).

Cyberneid – cybernetics and electronic identity turned on.

Stand PS1316
Team: Emilia Del Re (Full Stack Developer), Ciro Carandente (Full Stack Developer), Claudio Cortese (Full Stack Developer).

Evometrika develops state-of-art and efficient algorithms to build next-generation smart IoT devices to solve real-life challenges.

Stand A313, Exhibition date, Fri, Nov 4
Team: Tania Galucci (CMO), Luigi Di Carlo (CEO).

Advertising, Content & Marketing created an AI platform based on machine learning for trend analysis and content generation.

Stand PS1325
Team: Carolina Battaglini (Communication Manager), Camilla Poretti (Pre Sales), Laura Tolentino (Customer Success Account Manager)
One additional fact: 100K new content created monthly, $2M revenue (2021), geo coverage – Spain, France, Italy & LATAM.

Spoki helps businesses communicate with their customers via WhatsApp throughout the customer journey.

Spoki platform

Stand A848, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Giorgio Pagliara (CEO), Cosimo Franco (Lead Developer), Sara De Giuseppe (Sales Account Manager).
One additional fact: 348 active customers, €72 monthly revenue per active customer, 50 new customers per month.

Hueval – a video marketing platform to improve your marketing performance by automating the brand’s video content creation and dynamic campaign activation.

Stand A814, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Noemi Adamo (CEO), Silvia Adamo.
One additional fact: 4 annual customers and €520K revenues (2021).

Wait4Call empowers your application with the power of digital audio advertising: exploits a space never used until now, smartphone’s call waiting time.

Stand PS1320
Team: Ines Di Biase (Marketing specialist), Gian Marco Boschi (CMO), Laura Chaara Carmona (SMM).
One additional fact: 15K app downloads, €30K revenue.

eCommerce & Retail

4Gift – white label plug-in solution (SaaS) allowing users to Gift/Group Gift any item simply and engagingly from any e-commerce platform.

Stand G125, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Alessandro Gnocchi (Business Development Director), Giorgio Finzi (CEO), Francesco Ecclesie (IT Product Manager), Giulia Treccosta (Product Manager).

Leviant Design Experience turns hotels into design galleries, where you get to enjoy and buy them with just one click.

Stand A612, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 4
Team: Giordano Rivellini (CEO), Ivan Faustini (COO), Gentian Dedej (IT Manager).

MeteoSales – cookieless Ultimate e-Commerce Survival Kit with weather-based product recommendation suite and in-store, omnichannel solutions.

Stand PS1317
Team: Leonardo De Aguiar (CEO).

Sustainability & cleantech

Abit enables sustainable agriculture and biodiversity through smart systems based on AI.

Stand A505, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Samuele Pignone (Full stack & Data Analyst), Chiara Antonucci (Co-founder), Milo Galli (Full stack developer).
One additional fact: first patent integration, 4 customers, >156K sq meters grown respecting biodiversity.

Synergy4S – a green ecosystem offering several blockchain services.

Stand A514, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Didier Paradisi (CEO), Manuel La Monaca (CTO).

BEAWaRe – the first solution to manage Pay As You Throw tariff and cut waste collection costs in rural areas up to 50%.

Stand A507, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Caterina Maggi (CFO), Priscilla Rabagliati (CMO), Giorgia Leonardi (CEO).
One additional fact: €16K deals closed in 2022.

Volvero – an app for sharing vehicles that connects owners with people who need one, saving time and money.

Stand A522, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Marco Filippi (CEO), Davood Fanaei Sheikholeslami (COO).
One additional fact: pilot in Brussels, live in Northern Italy.

Enterprise software solutions

Cubbit – EU’s first B2B geo-distributed cloud storage. 100% Digital Sovereignty. 10x cheaper, 4x greener.

Stand PS1310
Team: Stefano Onofri (co-CEO), Alena Harbatava (COO), Alessandro Cillario (co-CEO).

Arcan makes software products easy to develop, highly maintainable, and fast to ship for tech companies that want to scale.

Stand A746, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Ilaria Pigazzini (CEO), Davide Fanale (Co-founder).

AstraKode aims to make complex enterprise technologies, such as Blockchain, more accessible for any company through abstraction and low code.

Stand PS1304
Team: Fabiano Izzo (CEO), Marco Ferretti (Business Developer), Cristian Di Febo (Sowtware Architect).

Automyo – no-code automation platform to streamline manual tasks and repetitive processes.

Stand A708, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Andrea Iannello (CTO), Luca Adamo (CEO), Denise Harb (Head of Sales and Business Development).
One additional fact: 8 current customers, $100K revenues in 2022.

Whispers – a recommendation engine that collects all relevant business data in one tool and helps hoteliers make better decisions.

Stand A705, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Daniel Castejón (CTO), Hermann Kudlich (CPO), Michael Gorfer (CEO).


CheckSig – the world’s safest Bitcoin and crypto solutions for institutional investors and private clients. Transparent, regulated, insured.

Stand G106, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Concetta Ingrassia (CMO), Paolo Mazzocchi (COO), Michele Mandelli (Managing Partner), Angelo Giuffredi (Software Development Manager), Ferdinando Ametrano (CEO)

Faire Labs – credit analytics and instant lending solutions through Open Banking and AI.

Stand PS1327
Team: Gianluigi Davassi (CEO), Andrea Spenuso (Marketing Manager), Claudia Chiesa (Head of design), Matteo Chiarini (Product Manager).
One additional fact: 22 full-time employees, €650K revenues (2021), 3 active clients as Prelios, Banca Progetto, Avvera.

WizKey – a blockchain-based decentralised finance network for structured transactions, receivables tokenisation and intercompany p2p funding.

Stand B229, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Marco Pagani (CEO), Giacomo Franzoso (COO), Carlo Liotti (Board Member).

Aptus.AI – RegTech SaaS transforming compliance into a competitive advantage for financial institutions.

Stand PS1326
Team: Andrea Tesei (CEO), Edoardo Colaizzo (Sales&Operations Specialist), Luca Sidoti (Media Planner).

Hercle – European digital assets broker-dealer and market maker providing institutions, corporate treasuries, token issuers, and Virtual Assets Service Providers (VASPs) with digital assets liquidity.

Stand A258, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Ioannis Kympritis (Business Development & Growth), Marco Levarato (CTO).

MyMoney – a patented payment system, completely biometric and device-free, to be used everywhere and anywhere.

Stand PS1307
Team: Mara Vendramin (CEO), Greta Clementi (CMO), Martina De Nigris (Legal Advisor).

Ein – the infrastructure that enables millions of retail investors to make autonomous data-driven decisions as easily as possible.

Ein app

Stand PS1323
Team: Marco Pinochi (CEO).
One additional fact: 3300 subscribers, 225 paying customers.

Helpet – an application for iOs & Android for pet owners to manage their pet’s life.

Helpet app

Stand A246, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Barbara Santoro (Founder), Anton Carlo Santoro (CEO).

Novalexxa – a digital neobanking app based on Blockchain technology providing financial services, account, remittance for Africa and Europe at low cost.

Stand A226, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Joel Zongmo (CEO), Giovanni Maria Arvasio Crisalli (CMO).

Social media & networking

Nextflag aims to digitalize travel word of mouth by creating the most personalized, network-fueled travel recommendation engine.

Stand A813, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Gherardo Fagioli (CEO).

Offjoin – a social media app that allows people to organise their social lives and strengthen real-life connections.

Stand A811, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Sebastiano Rindi (CEO).

Hardware & iOT

Cleep Wearable Camera – ultra-lightweight 4K wearable camera to capture moments hands-free.

Stand PS1315
Team: Giulio Cesarelli (CEO), Juan Yerimen Laya (PR).

Sensoworks – a ready-to-use PaaS for remote monitoring, management and control of complex infrastructures like buildings, viaducts, and tunnels.

Stand A305, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Niccolò De Carlo (CEO), Ciro Romano (CTO), Eleonora Stragliotto (Business Developer).

Elisa Care – an ambient assisted living system that allows caregivers to care for their loved ones remotely with constant monitoring.

Stand A309, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Stefano Peraro (Business Developer), Andrea Vaccaro (CTO), Camilla Carrarini (Marketing Manager)

Sports, fitness & wellness

Pin Vision – a cloud-native GPS software that supports Golf Clubs to offer digital services on the golf course.

Pin Vision gold club platform

Stand PS1331
Team: Luigi Goria (CEO), Roberto Chiosa (CTO).
One additional fact: 36 Italian Golf clubs, 2 Swiss Golf clubs adopted SaaS, and 738 GPS-mapped golf courses in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Gymnasio – plug-and-play software that uses motion-tracking to help yoga platforms engage their users with pose corrections, personalization and statistics.

Stand A148, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Giuseppe Pastore (CTO), Daniele Gusmini (CEO), Andrea Rotella (CMO).
One additional fact: 1 paying customer, 15 negotiations with leading yoga platforms.

Travel & Hospitality

Wetaxi – the Italian taxi platform. With great technology and the best supply (24% of taxis available).

Stand PS1332
Team: Luca Gobbato (CTO), Giada Russo (Head of Marketing).
One additional fact: in May 2022, Wetaxi GMV is €1.1M.

Smartway – E2E tech-enabled workation solutions for companies’ employees in selected small towns.

Stand A140, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Giancluca Laera (CFO), Laura Cacciatori (Customer success manager), Andrea Pelati (CTO)
One additional fact: €600K worth of signed contracts.

Holipay – a holiday payment experience. Split and Go.
The holiday expense is divided into small parts, solving the problem of one single payment on the booking day.

Stand A122, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Mattia Casadio (CEO), Mattia Destratis (COO).

Willeasy – an ecosystem built by collecting objective data about the accessibility and usability of venues based on real people’s needs and big data sharing.

Stand PS1329
Team: William Del Negro (CEO), Marta Grelli (CMO), Annalisa Noacco.

Willage – long stay accommodations to improve your retirement life.

Stand PS1303
Team: Bartolo Mariano Castellano (PR), Francesco Caccia (Digital Marketing specialist).

Cyclando – the one-stop shop for cycling holidays.

cyclando platform

Stand PS1308
Team: Riccardo Sedola (CEO).

Offtryp – the platform that lets you build your personalized trip, including all services, in just a few minutes.

Stand PS1321
Team: Nicola Guariglia (CEO), Alice Cagliani (COO).

Medtech & Pharma

DaVinci Salute aims to improve access to health by providing a digital platform accessible to everyone as a gateway to health services.

Stand B505, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Andrea Orani (Executive Chairman), Federica Marian (Product Manager), Stefano Casagrande (CEO), Elisa Taddeo (Growth Manager).
One additional fact: proven chronic care outcomes measured and certified by AGENAS, where Davinci is live with chronic care plans of 30K patients: -5.4% hospitalizations, -8.6% emergency access, +80% retention in chronic care program.

PharmaPrime is the first European on-demand platform to improve adherence of therapy and to receive all medicines in a few minutes.

Stand PS1314
Team: Luca Buscioni (CEO), Gennaro D’Alicandro (Operations Manager), Pasquale Impesi (VP).
One additional fact: 15K patients managed, 8 active pharma clients.

IppocraTech – AI to measure simultaneously and non-invasively the 5 vitals identified by WHO to assess a person’s health status.

Stand A415, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Matteo Confalonieri (CEO), Carlo Napolitano (Advisor), Edoardo Gava (Advisor).
One additional fact: 5 vitals signals – Respiration Rate, Heart Rate, Blood Saturation, Blood Pressure, and Temperature.

KeyBrain – a startup born to support mental health and empowerment in the working environment through groundbreaking solutions.

Stand A472, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Andrea Ceccon (COO), Riccardo Lovisetto (CEO), Matteo Samuele Respighi (Phychologist).

Moveo has developed a self-powered, lightweight, soft exosuit to support walking by people with limited mobility.

moveo exo suit

Stand A464, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Fausto Panizzolo (CEO), Simone Cimino (CTO), Samuel Mazzolin (CMO).

Sestre Supplements are based on Mediterranean Diet to help fertility and female hormonal balance.

Stand PS1319
Team: Sabrina Fiorentino (CEO), Sonia Elicio (CMO).

Tepy – an app that combines information technology and physiotherapy to provide a personalized cure for muscular pain, right from your home.

Stand A468, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Luca Squadroni (CEO & CTO, Physiotherapist), Matteo Andreozzi (UX Designer), Federico Corradini (CFO).

Data Science & Analytics

Soccerment – football data intelligence.

Stand B716, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Aldo Comi (CEO), Nicolò (VP Marketing & Sales), Gabriele Santicchi (SportTech biomedical engineer).

Genius Loci – a location data company delivering insights to map-based environments combining Spatial Analysis & Geo Artificial Intelligence.

Stand A839, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Romeo Zitarosa (CEO), Michele Barbera (Co-founder), Federico Ruberti (President), Ugo Scaiella (Co-founder).

Giano helps entrepreneurs test their business strategies in a simulated market: better check assumptions before they become regrets.

Stand PS1322
Team: Simone Gabbriellini (CEO), Antonio Procopio (CTO).


ArtCentica provides professors and teachers with a tool to support and improve lessons simply and engagingly. At the same time, it allows students to study Art actively compared to traditional teaching methods.

Stand PS1328
Team: Paolo Romoli (CTO).
One additional fact: 14 pilots, 10 ambassadors, 2 contracts signed with resellers / distributors. ArtCentrica presents more than 6,000 Artworks, including works from Egyptian art, Greek and Roman art, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism up to Contemporary art.

Jagaad – tailored learning journey in up-to-date software skills for students and companies.

Stand A463, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Davide Bernadro (CEO), Ana Indoitu (Head of People), Valentina Müller (Communications & Project Manager).

Wyblo – the Learning Experience Platform designed to save 80% of the time spent managing training and boosting quality.

Stand PS1312
Team: Cesare Gamberi (CDO), Vito Mannina (Head of Development), Stefano Marchese (COO).

TutorNow – an online tutoring platform focused on supporting students with learning diseases enabled by AI.

Stand A422, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Nicola De Carlo (CFA), Riccardo Sciortino (Strategy & Marketing Manager), Luca Dei Rossi (Sales & Product Owner).
One additional fact: since launching in January 2021, 1K students, €155K sales.

Hdemie – the tailor-made solution to prepare public bids. Hdemie uses an AI algorithm to increase the students’ scores and pass the exam.

Hdemie platform

Stand A461, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Riccardo Tribuzio (COO), Michele Malamisura (Management engineering), Antonio Cavaliere (CEO).

Peekaboo – digital acceleration platform for sustainable startups.

Stand PS1324
Team: Federico Rosati (UX/UI Specialist & Creative Developer), Francesco Gizzi (CMO), Giorgio De Rango (CTO).

Philanthropy & Social good

Homes4All – startup and Benefit corporation that promotes urban regeneration and reduces the housing emergency.

Stand B504, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Federico Disegni (CEOO), Margot Olifson (Business Development), Isabella Spezzano (Social accompaniment operator), Giorgia Di Cintio (Content Manager).
One additional fact: 28 real estates in the property, 19 real estates under management, 62 accommodated beneficiaries.

HR & recruitment

Tutored – a two-sided platform where young talents meet companies and get hired by participating in online experience.

Stand B408, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Gabriele Giugliano (CEO), Martina Mattone (Head of Account Management), Nicolò Bardi (CMO).
One additional fact: 75K new registered users, 2300 job offers published by companies, 110K applications, and 15K subscribers to an online experience.

Hacking Talents – the human matching platform for unleashing human potential at work.

Stand A416, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Federica Pasini (CEO), Nabila Lorini (CMO), Silvia Rigamonti (Head of Products).

Entertainment & media

Blast Universe – a video challenge-based social network made for young creators with daily crypto reards and no beauty filters.

Stand A102, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 3
Team: Mario Cola (Project manager), Cristian Alborghetti (CEO), Davide Picchi (CFO).


Carchain enables carmakers & owners to store a car’s data, maintenance and usage on the blockchain via an NFT, creating its digital twin.

Stand PS1318
Team: Lisandro Espindola (CEO).

Gaming, VR & AR

Forequest – a purpose-driven AR Metaverse powered by a disruptive user-centred AdTech interface and an ethical data model.

Stand A120, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Ray Tarantino (CEO), Amedeo Perna (Advisor), Amir Alamo (Product Manager).

Endymion has developed an AR web browser which displays web pages in augmented reality.

Stand A112, Exhibition date: Fri, Nov 4
Team: Gennaro Abbruzzese (R&D Engineer), Gianmarco Cappellano (Product Manager), Sergio Giorgio (CTO).

NFT Factory develops video games integrated with their NFT collections. You can use your compatible NFTs to play games.

Stand A138, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 2
Team: Lorenzo Petrangeli (CEO), Tommaso Paulon (CTO), Anna Ipri (CMO).

Event management

PickEat – a platform where you can pre-order, reserve a table, and pre-pay your meal online to finally taste your time.

Stand PS1330
Team: Giacomo Perazzo (CEO), Alessandro Vestito (COO), Elena Buara (Business Developer).
One additional fact: 10 partnerships signed in the last 2 months, top 15 startups for employee benefits in Italy.

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