Startup AskBrian Closes Angel Round to Further AI Development

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AskBrian, the startup specialized in applied artificial intelligence and provider of digital assistant Brian, today announced the closing of its angel funding round.

Experienced business angels Björn Kolbmüller and Paul Schwarzenholz (founders of Zenloop and Flaconi) led the investment round with the participation of private investors from leading management consultancies (Bain & Company, Oliver Wyman, EY, and Stern Stewart & Co.) along with several experienced entrepreneurs.

The company, founded in 2018 by management consultant Pavol Sikula (Stern Stewart & Co., Roland Berger), uses narrow AI technologies to build products that connect humans with state-of-the-art services and information via natural language.

Multiple building blocks are orchestrated by the co-founder and CTO Matthias Ruppel (T-Systems) who brings his experience as a software architect and big data specialist.

We see large potential in this very innovative approach of connecting humans and knowledge. We are excited to help the experienced and dedicated founders to fulfill their ambitious mission

said Björn Kolbmüller

The funding is meant to support the company’s further development of its AI assistant that revolutionizes the way people work. Brian communicates via email and can perform time-consuming tasks that currently reflect the needs of management consultants and similar knowledge workers.

Brian simplifies the lives of his users and empowers them to focus on high-value activities by taking care of tedious ones such as document translation from/to 100 languages, file conversion, industry benchmarks, country research, presentation graphics, and many more.

Startup AskBrian, CEO Pavol Matthias
Startup AskBrian, CEO Pavol Matthias (on the left)

With the additional funds, we can teach Brian to solve a wider range of tasks and provide the best data available to our users. Soon he will provide financial analysis

said Pavol Sikula, CEO of AskBrian

Brian addresses the challenges that busy professionals often face.

From our own experience as consultants, we know that productivity is key; we want to maximize the time we invest in our clients and minimize the time spent on repetitive and less value-adding tasks.

We are convinced that many companies need to provide their teams with intelligent support in times of rising complexity and demands.

Hence, my colleagues from Amber Invest and I have decided to join the team of angel investors supporting Brian, as we believe it is the right product at the right time to tackle this challenge

said Jens Torchalla, angel investor of Amber Invest

Brian is already being used and tested by numerous leading consultancies as well as large corporations interested in boosting productivity and employee satisfaction.

AskBrian offers a free trial for those interested in testing Brian. Getting started with the trial version at only takes a few minutes and requires no installation, as the digital assistant communicates via regular email – just like a human does.