BASA Virtual Artistic Experiences: Virtual team building

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BASA launches innovative, virtual services, which are live streamed from the artist’s studio directly to the home office.

Of course, remote teams, video conferencing and digital media did exist even before COVID-19 but never before have we had so many requests for artistic ideas in the virtual space, for example for team building, entertainment during online conferences, surprises from colleagues, or simply to reduce stress.

The recent announcements from companies like Twitter stating that employees can work from home indefinitely promise to keep generating demand for services tailored to virtual teams and events. Forbes recently published an article stating that Virtual Events went up 1000% since COVID-19, and some of the largest global conferences like CISCO Live and Collision conference are already 100% virtual.

Together with BASA artists company has developed and now brought online the first “Virtual Artistic Experiences” – virtual experiences with artists – in the categories “Body & Mind”, “Party & Fun” and “Surprises and Gifts”.

BASA Virtual Artistic Experiences

Teams and virtual-event-goers that currently meet in a virtual space like Zoom can practice magic tricks together with a magician, for example. They can also enjoy an after-work DJ session with a glass of wine, do stretching exercises with a professional acrobat during the lunch break or play bingo with Berlin’s most famous drag queens.

BASA’s artists are enthusiastic, and despite the technical and artistic challenges involved, many of them have dared to create innovative concepts for short & crisp live sessions. Companies like Snapchat have already booked virtual experiences with artists through them.

The virtual experiences with artists from BASA are a wonderful way to stir up the world of today’s online meetings.

says Wendy (founder of Secret City Trails)
BASA Virtual Artistic Experiences - speed painter over a video call

The majority of sessions are rather short and last up to 60 minutes. Most of the virtual experiences with artists are 30 – 45 minutes long. The sessions that fall into the category “surprises and gifts” are usually quick 5 – 10 minute interruptions of already planned video conferences into which artists unexpectedly dial in to surprise the team members who have not been briefed on their appearance.

BASA makes new virtual experiences with artists available online almost every day.