German startup AskBrian launched a new AI technology for qualitative content generation

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AskBrian, one of the most innovative machine learning startups in Germany, launched a new content automation skill for its AI assistant, Brian, to boost productivity and reshape how business professionals work.

The feature is powered by GPT-3, an advanced AI system from OpenAI, and is aimed at helping workers create presentations, project plans, and business proposals more efficiently. Brian can draft slides with key points for any topic or action title and suggest visuals, resulting in significant resource and time optimizations for both companies and professionals. 

New Work in Consulting is facilitated by adoption of latest AI technologies and drafting key points for any topic is quite an intriguing addition to Brian’s set of skills.

Daniel Möllerhenn, Associate Partner at Bain & Company

The AI assistant is trained to provide inspiration by formulating ‘bullets’ for a key statement that combines knowledge, experience, and creativity. The skill is extremely powerful in generating initial ideas for content and adding more aspects to already existing insights.

We are very excited to introduce this new revolutionary skill. We started with teaching Brian skills that increase productivity of consultants and knowledge workers. Now our AI assistant helps 24/7 also with the very core of qualitative content creation.

commented Pavol Sikula, Founder and CEO of AskBrian

It is impressive to see how Brian can support management consultants in a completely new way. Probably one of the most common tasks in consulting – the initial information gathering and content creation for a new topic, is now automated, accelerated, and conveniently integrated into busy professionals’ daily work.

shared Prof. Dr. Thomas Deelmann, Consulting Expert at HSPV NRW

In addition, Brian has 30+ skills addressing different challenges business professionals often face and is already used by over 200 companies. Among its key features are translating documents from/into 100 languages, creating company profiles, presentation graphics, and more.