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We asked founders how they prepare for Web Summit and why they decided to participate in Online edition

Web Summit 2020 is going to be online and it expects to reach 100K visitors from around the world. The conference takes place on 2-4 December 2020 on Western European Time (Lisbon/London/Dublin).

She is mom club

Startup Reporter (SR): Alexandra Micu, please, tell us what your startup is doing? Where did the idea come from and why you decided to work on it? is a platform dedicated to mothers. The mission of is to provide advice and support for mothers to find their future job or future career.

We believe that happy moms can create a better life for the world. Dear moms, take care of your family, we take care of your career path. Even if you decide to have a new job or become an entrepreneur we are here to help you.

– By choosing the best mentors for you. Selected with care a lot of benefits to win time for you
– Inviting the best global companies to know your profile and get a new opportunity
– Be the change you want to see in the world! Make today a Video resume! Join us!

Our journey started in August 2019 when we had a lot of interviews with moms who needed flexible solutions for jobs after maternity leave.

Romanian companies said that our business plan is not possible…no one wants to accept remote and flexible working time for moms.

That was our beginning 🙂 We continue to build our plan, start to develop the platform, and launch in June 2020.

SR: – Alexandra, please, tell us what do you expect from your participation in the Web Summit 2020?

Alexandra: – Find investement, make networking.

SR: Why did you decide to participate in the Web Summit Online Edition?

Alexandra: – It is the biggest summit in the world, I am first time here.
All my team is here 🙂

SR: What would be your advice for better preparation for Web Summit to other founders who think to participate in an online conference?

Alexandra: – Networking, networking

SR: – What would you like to wish the readers?

Alexandra: – Enjoy this amazing event!