German startup CATCH secures seed funding for automated recruiting

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Cologne-based HR tech startup CATCH has closed a seven-figure financing round.

The investment will help the founders, Marco Verhoeven and Justin Bous, to further expand and market their innovative recruiting platform “Catch Talents”. CATCH sets out to automate recruiting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Germany and Europe and thus make it more efficient. In addition to the lead investor TechVision Fund (TVF) NRW.BANK and Christian Greb, business angel and co-founder of the AI company PRECIRE, participated in the financing round.

More efficient recruitment through automation

CATCH addresses a pressing problem: Due to the shortage of skilled workers, more than 90 per cent of SMEs have problems finding and retaining suitable staff. Because of a lack of personnel capacities in the HR departments and a lack of know-how in online recruiting, many companies cannot conduct up-to-date recruiting. As a result, they lose out in the battle for the best talents. The Catch Talents software provides a remedy.

Daily, we see that recruiting is an ever-present challenge in both mid-sized businesses and startups. CATCH’s software makes it possible to increase the number of applications per job posting in a way that conserves resources.

In addition, applications can be automatically pre-qualified based on hard and soft skills. With this solution, we see an opportunity for SMEs without large HR departments to recruit successfully in the digital world.

says Dr. Ansgar Schleicher, Managing Director of TVF

More applicants through SaaS software

Catch Talents SaaS recruiting software fully automates candidate search and prequalification processes. It finds suitable, actively searching talent by spreading the job posting in its over 600 connected job portals, reaching up to 5 times more applicants with 70 per cent less time.

Complementary to this, passively searching candidates and those willing to change are automatically identified by Catch Talents’ matching algorithm in social media, search engines and job boards and made aware of the vacancy.

With CATCH’s Software, HR managers can identify for the first time which candidates are best suited for a position based on soft skills: The software evaluates how well a candidate’s skills, but more importantly, his or her personality, match the requirements of the searching company.

CATCH’s unique selling points are its automated approach and rapid, psychological personality matching using its proprietary Individual Strengths Analysis (ISA Method®).

The compatibility of the employee and the position to be filled is the most important driver for a long company tenure. Catch Talents not only reaches more candidates but also more compatible candidates and is up to 10 times more efficient than traditional staffing solutions.

says co-founder Justin Bous.

Expansion of Sales and Marketing

Since its founding in 2020, CATCH has built a customer base of more than 400 SMEs and has successfully filled thousands of positions.

In recent years, our company has grown primarily organically. With the funding, we can now significantly expand our sales and marketing activities to become the leading tool in recruiting for SMEs.

says co-founder Marco Verhoeven.
German startup CATCH Founding team (from left to right): Marco Verhoeven and  Justin Bous
German startup CATCH Founding team (from left to right): Marco Verhoeven and Justin Bous

The two founders excited me right away. An innovative product in an exciting market with great growth potential. I am very much looking forward to the collaboration.

adds co-investor Christian Greb