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We asked founders how they prepare for Web Summit and why they decided to participate in Online edition

Web Summit 2020 is going to be online and it expects to reach 100K visitors from around the world. The conference takes place on 2-4 December 2020 on Western European Time (Lisbon/London/Dublin).


Startup Reporter (SR): Adrian Badea, please, tell us what your startup is doing? Where did the idea come from and why you decided to work on it?

Andrian: – SiloApp, the leading platform for connecting farmers and producers to create perfect and functional grain silo plant solutions.

Through our innovative platform, farmers can utilize hundreds of thoughtful templates or create their own silo designs to discover how to use their silos most effectively. With rapid prototyping and design software, 3D images are quickly created to help visualize the exact piece that is needed.

Once designed, proposals can be sent to the many expert producers that are part of the SiloApp team. The producers will then create a draft offer using their own types of machinery and farmers can choose from the many offers to discover the best proposal for them and begin the building process.

With SiloApp, farmers can move from drafting to production with ease and feel confident that they are matched with producers who are verified and have proven track records of success in their fields.

Here at SiloApp, we strive to ensure that farmers get exactly what they need when it comes to the most important equipment they own. We have implemented optimized design and recommendations to showcase the most cost-effective vendors and solutions based on the designs farmers create. We are proud of the technology we offer to help farmers best do their most important work.

I have been in the business of Grain Silos equipment for more than 10 years and I have always bumped my head in the very long sales process. From the first contact to signing the contract you need sometimes more than a year, with an exhausting back and forth process of changing the technical solution and overworking the quotations.

All of it means several visits to the customer site, with at least 3-4 people involved, specialists like Engineers, sales, quotation engineers and Project Managers. Always start each project from zero, with significant costs and small hit rates.

Trying to cope with that and to shorten the process to a more simple and workable solution, I designed a workflow in a mobile app which can be very handy also during the pandemic, when social distancing is necessary.

In the grain handling and grain storing industry, the design and sales process is rather long and complicated and, most importantly, very expensive for the producer of equipment.

The producer needs to involve a team of minimum 3-4 people for each project, for many months, or even years, only to prepare a quotation only to have a very low hit rate. This means very high costs/quotation, from a few thousand EUR to tens of thousands of EUR.

There is no other product on the market for this problem. The SILO APP makes it simple to people without engineering degree to design silo plants and to receive customized solution and quotations from any equipment producer in the world. Moreover, the producer’s salespeople will be able to use it as a sales tool.

We develop our own machine learning and optimization algorithms. SiloApp has three uses for machine learning at the moment.

First, we use parametric design and optimization algorithms for creating the best silo layout, given spatial and silo configuration constraints.

Second, we will create a recommendation engine to pair the request for proposals with the producers most likely to deliver them.

SR: – Adrian, please, tell us what do you expect from your participation in the Web Summit 2020?

Adrian: – Our team’s target for this edition of Websummit is to connect with people and to raise awareness about our niche. It is a great place and moment to understand what is happening in the world of startups which reshape our future.

This is the place where you can come to meet them and to understand the new technologies and the direction the world is aiming towards. At the same time, Websummit will make us more visible in the eyes of investors and startup mass media, bringing more prestige upon our organization.

SR: Why did you decide to participate in the Web Summit Online Edition?

Adrian: – It is just a coincidence that we came up with the idea of this startup during pandemic times when only online events are possible.

We would have rather travel to Lisbon for the live event, in order to feel the complete experience and emotion. But the most important now for all of us is to stay safe and healthy and, hopefully, to all meet in Lisbon next year.
This was our first attend to participate.

TEAM startup SiloApp
(from left to right) Alexandru Silveanu, Adrian Badea, Alexandra Micu, Andrei Luchici

For SiloApp will attend to the event:
Alexandra Micu (CMO), Alexandru Silveanu (Sales), Andrei Luchici (CTO), Adrian Badea (CEO), Andrei Vasilica (Sales) and Diana Petre (Junior Developer).

SR:What would be your advice for better preparation for Web Summit to other founders who think to participate in an online conference?

Adrian: – This year took us all by surprise. This includes also the migration of events like this one to online platforms. Most of the related activities have a clear and very short time available to apply.

Therefore, the keyword is PREPARE. Prepare yourselves in advance. Elevator Pitch, Investor Pitch, all types of pitches, try to anticipate anything that can happen and be prepared.

Otherwise can become quite stressful from time to time. Establish clear targets regarding what would you like to accomplish during the event and follow it daily.

SR: – What would you like to wish the readers?

Adrian: – Please stay safe and connected.