Preparation for Web Summit Online – Startup SEMCS, Smart Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control System

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We asked founders how they prepare for Web Summit and why they decided to participate in Online edition

Web Summit 2020 is going to be online and it expects to reach 100K visitors from around the world. The conference takes place on 2-4 December 2020 on Western European Time (Lisbon/London/Dublin).


SEMCS is Smart Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control System intended to protect people from mosquitoes and diseases they transfer.

Startup Reporter (SR): Anastasiia Romanova, please, tell us what your startup is doing? Where did the idea come from and why you decided to work on it?

Anastasiia: – During a business trip to the USA a few years ago, there was a Zika outbreak at that time. We were impressed by what damage could be made by this tiny insect since, in Ukraine, a mosquito is an issue of comfort, not safety.

After returning to Ukraine, we started to do some research and discovered that mosquito-borne viruses cause annually nearly 500 mln infections and almost 3 million deaths. Key solutions to counteract mosquitoes are chemical ones: sprays, repellents, insecticides etc.

But this widespread usage of pesticides proved to be harmful both for people, causing allergies and diseases, and nature, contaminating soil and water

SEMCS is a smart eco-friendly mosquito control system that cleans outdoor territories from mosquitoes and protects people from viruses transferred by them. Its unique luring system effectively eliminates the insects enabling the creation of mosquito-free zones without the usage of chemicals and contamination of nature.

Unlike pesticides that must be reapplied regularly and dependable on weather conditions, SEMCS creates a long-lasting effect without harm for nature & designed to withstand severe weather conditions and proved its durability. The device can be remotely controlled and powered by solar panels.

We are integrating system for mosquito counting and identifying species to monitor worldwide mosquito activity and data sharing. Access to data is crucial and predicting the spread of dangerous species can be as easy as predicting the weather.

The device is suitable for B2B, B2C, B2G markets.

SR:– What do you expect from your participation in the Web Summit 2020?

Anastasiia: – This is our first-time experience at Web Summit, we have some expectations based upon feedback from previous years participants, so far it is a new experience with online participation to everyone.

We have prioritized three key points of attention: startup’s exposure, establishing contacts with potential investors and partners. Definitely, networking and the possibility to hear such bright minds of modernity are invaluable.

SR: Why did you decide to participate in the Web Summit Online Edition?

Anastasiia: – Indeed, we are living in a new reality, though the speed of development is not slowing down.

Web Summit platform unites people from all over the world and it is a unique opportunity to be in pace with trends in business, tech and innovative landscapes from the inside.

Now we will go through this experience online, though we expect to have similar benefits as participants received previous years. We did not participate in Web Summit before, though received great feedback from teams who did.

We are pleasantly impressed by high level of the event organization. We have our own manager who is updating and navigating throughout the time.

This is an amazing experience of how offline values of Web Summit transferring to the new format with preservation possibilities and goals achievement for thousands of participants throughout the world, it is a great opportunity for our team.

SR:What would be your advice for better preparation for Web Summit to other founders who think to participate in an online conference?

Anastasiia: – Now, after being for a while within Web Summit environment we can say that its program designed in the way that everyone can achieve its goals for effective participation and better startup’s exposure, either finding investors, partners, future teammates, or media coverage and networking.

Discover multiple possibilities and benefit from gains they provide.

Startup Semcs team
Startup Semcs team

SR: – What would you like to wish the readers?

Anastasiia: – We wish readers to look for as many opportunities as they can, and to knock all available doors, however, concentrate your attention on the key strategic aspects of the development of the startup. Stay focused.

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