Call for images – “Genova, a fragile city”

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Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Genova (Foundation of the Professional Association of Architects of Genoa) – as part of the FRAGILE cultural programme, having regard to Legislative Decree No. 50/2016 as amended and related regulations, hereby calls for entries to a graphic/photographic competition which is open to all those involved in architecture, graphics, photography, illustration and visual art in general. The competition aims to receive contributions for an image campaign on the theme of Urban Fragility.

The place referred to in this Call for images is Genoa and its metropolitan area where interstitial spaces, neglected historical elements, a delicate system of urban and peri-urban green areas, the coastline threshold between nature and port or industrial areas, are just some of the likely suggestions that this land can offer.

We believe that the issue of fragility can be dealt with in Genoa with great effectiveness. Our city, at the same time an example of unpredictability and resilience, portrayed by the media as a place of catastrophes, was then elected as an organizational model of redemption as part of the reconstruction of the Morandi Bridge.

Due to this precarious nature and a countertrend development, Genoa can become a laboratory. This development format can oppose the speculative expansion typical of international cities through a collective project and not a simple emergency management model. The Foundation has always wanted to be an open subject.

To strengthen the idea of collective dialogue, we propose this “call for images” extended to anyone who wants to contribute to the debate on the topic we propose. A discussion not only on Architecture but for Architecture.

says Lorenzo Trompetto, President of FOA Genoa

The call is open to all Italian and foreign citizens aged 18 and over, who may submit their entries either individually or collectively.

  • Individuals involved in the organisation of this competition or its judging, their spouses, including up to third-degree relatives, or their employees or with an established work relationship with them; and
  • Directors and employees of the Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti di Genova and the Ordine degli  Architetti di Genova are ineligible.

An “Established work relation” means a sharing situation, also of the same work environment, whereby professional activities are mutually intertwined from a technical and organisational point of view.

The jury will consist of the following five members:

  1. Chairman of the Jury, Internal FOA Member (Elisa Cagelli)
  2. Palazzo Ducale (Serena Bertolucci)
  3. Architect/ Curator (Davide Tommaso Ferrando)
  4. Photographer (Stefano Graziani)
  5. Graphic / Advertising Designer  (Laura Cattaneo)

A cash prize of €1,000 for a maximum of 3 prizes will be awarded to each entrant (group/or individual) selected for display and exhibition.

The winning project will be announced in Genoa in the period from June – July 2021.

A selection of the works deemed worthy will be exhibited in public places using urban spaces usually reserved for advertising. An open-air exhibition, directly organized and financed by FOA, for Genoa’s city where the exhibition will be spread from the centre to the suburbs. An urban path in which artefacts from our city is exhibited stands out for their intrinsic quality that is not valued today.

Clarifications can be requested by email within 31st March 2021; a collective reply to all questions will be provided within 10th April 2021, on the website

The competition has been granted patronage from:

  • Liguria Region
  • Municipality of Genoa
  • University of Genoa – DAD (Department of Architecture and Design)
  • Professional  Association of Architects of Genoa