Proptech startups: Bright Spaces and Moorland Property Solutions

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Moorland Property Solutions Ltd. becomes the first UK property company to showcase and lease digitally its available spaces at Brickfield Business Centre, Northwich, through a platform developed together with the proptech startup Bright Spaces. The remote and interactive visualization solution is LIVE here:

Bright Spaces and Moorland Property Solutions Ltd. are launching a tailored platform for Brickfield Business Centre, enabling future clients to visualize, interact and lease spaces that range from 1,000 sq ft to 16,000 sq ft. The developer prides itself on its flexibility and motivation to use high tech technology to facilitate the leasing process for future occupiers. The solution is publicly available here:

Virtual tours allow tenants and agents to see the high quality, newly refurbished business spaces both in 2D and 3D. Furthermore, potential clients can:

  • Visualize available spaces in 3 different fitouts, in order to make the best decision that meet their teams’ needs
  • Request personalized offers for each floor or split-floor or book in-person tours
  • Discover the main interest points around the building (coffee shops, restaurants) as well as the main public transportation means and access points
  • Download presentation materials (video & photo)
  • Learn more about the building technical specifications

The solution developed by Bright Spaces for Moorland Property Solutions Ltd. also integrates an admin panel and notifications for the developer, a HOT creation feature and aims to increase the number of qualified leads while optimizing the leasing management process.

Brickfield Business Centre offers more flexibility than any other scheme we’ve worked on. We’ve removed many of the internal walls but kept some in to try and hedge what our future occupiers will require. We’ve held a number of viewings where occupiers want open plan space but they just haven’t been able to visualise the property without any walls.

There has been almost a disbelief with some occupiers that it’s possible to remove all the walls, leaving only the structural columns. Accordingly, I started looking at how we could show digitally what the space would look like without all the walls, so the occupiers wouldn’t have to use their imagination, they could actually see it in digital form. I was alerted to Bright Spaces through LinkedIn, so I contacted Bogdan, we discussed our needs and how Bright Spaces could help us.

I liked Bogdan straight away. I knew instinctively that he could create what we were looking for and I’ve not been disappointed.

The Bright Spaces team have been great to work with, they have gone above and beyond our initial expectations, they have created solutions to deal with any issues we have had during the process and none have been too much trouble. It’s clear the Bright Spaces team is motivated to ensure their clients are pleased with the finished product and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Oliver Moorhouse, Director, Moorland Property Solutions Ltd.

We are excited to launch our first implementation abroad and to have worked with a partner who shares our vision, as well as our passion for digital transformation. Through our strong partnership with Oliver and his team, we will help Moorland offer an innovative experience to its future clients and we are also taking an important step on our international scaling journey.

Bogdan Nicoara, CEO & Cofounder, Bright Spaces.