World’s first Web3.0 fundraising platform 3×4 for charitable organizations

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Three Ukrainians created the world’s first Web3.0 fundraising platform 3×4 for charitable organizations.

The startup’s main goal is to make fundraising innovative, with a reward for the benefactor in the form of purchased NFT and a contribution to the development of digitalization of society.

The idea of 3×4 was born in February, 2022, by three Ukrainians, Artur Kachur, Sergii Reznichenko, and Dan Pasko, when they realized the potential social impact that can be made if only dedicating a small % of NFT sales toward the good cause.

3×4 team

The startup also enrolled a UK co-founder and CMO, Steve Jones, together with several international advisors.

A newly launched Ukrainian startup “leverages the power of NFTs for charities”

The team’s vision is to become an easy tool that allows non-profits to collaborate with artists, donors, investors, and brands to facilitate fundraising and raise awareness for various social causes.

All this uses cutting-edge blockchain technology that ensures the transparency of the donation process. Ultimately, 3×4 is seen as the “Uber for non-profits,” where anyone can post funding requests, cooperate with artists, and get donors to join in a few minutes. 

3x4 platform
3×4 platform

While the system involves Web3, the business model is simple:

  1. Art creators publish a new NFT and connect it to one of the verified non-profit organizations.
  2. A newly published NFT can be bought by anyone with a minimum price of 100$. Each subsequent resale can be carried out with a minimum price of 3X from the previous one.
  3. First and each subsequent resale of NFT is followed by a mandatory distribution of the sum of the transaction in 4 ways: 
    • creators 
    • non-profit organizations 
    • previous owners 
    • our platform 

In this way, the 3×4 platform ensures every side gets its remuneration.

3×4 is launching its first fundraising campaign for Children of Heroes, a Ukrainian non-profit, to help rebuild the destroyed house in Kyiv oblast for one of the children the charity fund supports, in collaboration with several Ukrainian artists.