Startup Profy – a marketplace for service providers

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The startup and tech ecosystem in the Caucasus region keeps being underestimated by the European companies. Touch continues a series of publications telling about fantastic digital solutions and projects that for a fair price may help many businesses to optimize their processes and grow faster while saving money on automatization.

The second heroes are the team of Profy, from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Startup Profy Georgia

“Profy” – a marketplace platform where customers and service providers can connect directly. The service is available on desktop and mobile versions, Android & iOS. 

Service providers can offer their prices to the market and manage their work schedules. While the customer has the functionality to select the service they are interested in, browse and choose the professional which is most suitable for the job, pay for service, track location of the provider, review and rate services offered. Reviews and ratings create information on participants of the market, creating the first trustful and transparent home services platform.

The primary purpose of the app, for customers, is to provide functionality which will allow them to search, book, pay and review service providers. Customers browse the categories and items, enters additional information about the job (if needed) they are looking for and software provide the list of professionals who are capable of doing a job. The Customer can view providers’ profile, rating, previous experience, service price, and schedule. After the service is delivered, the Customer confirms the job is done and review the service provider. 

Platform admin is in charge of governing the interaction between customers and providers. Using interface specially developed for him, Admin is able to: add, remove, approve service providers, analyze the reports, set service areas, etc.

Georgia is the post-soviet country, it still impacts market mentality, goods, services & customer service quality. In the last several years the Georgian market started adopting a pro-western lifestyle and many global companies entered the market. Profy felt the opportunity related to the tradesmen market.

According to the residential market report by Colliers International, there were approximately 360K housing units in Tbilisi in 2015 (the bulk of which are so-called “Soviet-type” residential buildings) and supply to the market (constructions under development) was growing at 10% rate annually.

In addition to the fact that the home services market grows, there is a possibility to add various services to the list and enter foreign markets.
There is a growing demand for home services with the increase of residential real estate on the market, while no progress can be seen in the organization of service delivery.

There is a demand for services, which is growing and supply which is not organized. Companies supplying the market, in most cases, are not able to retain high quality in the long term and because of overhead costs, cannot offer competitive prices to customers.

Independent service providers prefer not to be charged with high commission fees by the companies and are willing to be able to work under flexible schedules. Profy enables professionals to reduce idle time and allow skilled people to generate additional income aside from their main jobs, by working as a freelancer in their spare time.

Startup Profy

Our goal is to create an ecosystem where customer can manage any task related to living space

Boris Soselia is the startup founder with an experience of two successfully launched startups during the last 10 years. He has been CEO of the successful home services provider company in Georgia “MrMaster” and has played a leading role in its growth since the first day of the company.

Irakli Zantaraia has been Country Manager of Taxify (BOLT), the team that managed to change the habit of how people used to request taxi services and changed transportation culture in Georgia. He has 5 years’ experience of working with an on-demand platform at p2p ridesharing companies. Being responsible for the sales, marketing, and operations team – he plaid an important role in the growing company from startup to the leading transportation company in Georgia.

Jemal Akhalaia has 10 years’ experience of working as a finance manager and project manager in various industries. He has experience in communicating with software developers and translating technical topics to the project teams, team building, and people management.

At the moment the Profy team includes 12 people and they are hiring.

During Touch conference in October in Tbilisi, the startup Profy would like to build connections with local and global players, raise awareness & introduce our product and get feedback on the app from locals & foreigners, maybe find partners for future international expansion.

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