Post-review Georgian Startup Touch united entrepreneurs and investors from 20+ countries online

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On 29-30 October, the first regional online conference for startups – Georgian Startup Touch – united together almost 50 startup founders from Eastern Europe with global investors, accelerators, business angels and corporate companies. 

The main goals of the event were to: 

  • Educate startup founders about building business on a large scale,
  • Connect people from different countries and help them network with each other,
  • Promote Georgia as a new business destination for entrepreneurs and investors.

As a result, founders and other attendees could participate in 9 workshops from companies like 500 Startups, Google Launchpad, Funderbeam, Start – Business Solutions, Blue Lake Accelerator, Genesis Investments, and Rimon Law.

There were 250+ meeting requests sent during 2 days of the conference, meaning that the networking part was really important for everyone joining the conference.

Mentors from various VC funds and corporate companies, as well as seasonal founders and ecosystem builders, worked with each startup personally, providing them with valuable advice on their business model, scaling and so on.

Startups also had their spot on the Virtual Startup Expo and a chance to present their companies in front of the international investor panels, consisting of representatives of GITA, Emerging Europe, Overkill Ventures, Funderbeam, Rockstart Accelerator, Techstars Israel, Tera Ventures and 500 Startups.

During the Pitch Night with top startups pitching from all over Europe, jury selected 3 winners in the following nominations: 

💥 Clockster – The most disruptive

Clockster is a SaaS HRm system that allows SMEs effectively manage their employees work hours. It helps to improve internal processes related to working hours calculation, discipline and cost reductions.

What is your plan for next 6 months?

” – Solidify a deal with a Georgian company for cross-sales.
Expand to the Philippines: open a subsidiary in Manila, incorporate legally, solidify marketing strategy, hire 6 sales managers, conduct on-boarding and start active outbound marketing.”

What would you like to ask or share to readers of StartupReporter?

” – Micro small and medium businesses often lack classic corporate culture due to the high costs of tools they can afford. In this regards Clockster has a calling that things such as staff budget optimization, smooth new employee on-boarding, efficient task management, affordable payroll, routine HR business processes automation – all this is the cornerstone of what Clockster does and attempts to make these gaps inside companies narrower leading to higher returns on sales.

Especially our company has become even more actual when majority of micro small and medium businesses in the world started facing problems with getting back on their past sales.

💥 Intrro – The most innovative company

Intrro uses machine learning to match candidates from your employees’ network to open roles in your company, so you can get warm introductions to the best talent

Intrro Dashboard Screenshot

What is your plan for next 6 months?
” – We’re laser focussed on helping more businesses unlock the full potential of their company network to source, qualify, and hire the right candidates. As a consequence, our goal is to continue to build the category of referral sourcing.”

What would you like to ask or share to readers of StartupReporter?

– We can offer a free trial to StartupReporter readers, those who would like to redeem this offer please contact

💥 Fusebox –  The most futuristic and forward-thinking

FuseBox balances electricity grid by using already existing energy, instead of fossil fuel generators.

In electricity grid demand and supply of electricity must be balanced in every second. It is a tough job for balancing companies nowadays. Mainly because of the massive installation of volatile renewables.

So far, in case of a sudden electricity deficit, the balancing company orders more supply from balancing power plants to meet the demand.

FuseBox lowers electricity demand in the whole country to meet the electricity supply. This kind of balancing is cheaper and totally CO2 free.

fusebox energy

What do you expect to reach in 6 months?

Tarvo Ong, CEO of Fusebox
” – In coming 6 months Fusebox has finished investment round (Round A) and in addition to European business runs trials in Brazil, Kenya, SE-Asia and Australia”

What would you like to ask or share to readers of StartupReporter?

” – We are looking for cooperation partners that are large electricity consumers or who have access to large energy consumers globally. I would like to add that Fusebox has not reached even 1% of its potential, meaning that a lot is to be done and discovered during the coming journey.

We are opened to new crazy ideas and cooperation proposals to really disrupt the electricity system from the consumers’ side. It´s like a Robin Hood attitude to bring consumers money back from the electricity system.”

Together with their partners, Touch managed to unite entrepreneurs seeking funding, mentorship and new clients – with investors looking for new investment opportunities. The conference was supported by Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA),, Beeline, Bank of Georgia Business, Caucasus Business Week and others.

Next, Touch is planning their 5th annual tech conference – Touch Digital Summit 2020 – to be also held online, on 20-29 November: