Omnic releases the first parcel stations which kills viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus

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During the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping experiences a dramatic increase, as it lessens contact with potentially infected people and the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, it raises questions about the safety of contactless delivery. Is it truely 100% safe? Can the virus survive on the surface of a parcel? The OmniHub parcel station, with a built-in antivirus module, developed by Omnic may be a gamechanger in this regard. Want to produce it yourself? The company will share its know-how free of charge.           

Safety of parcels

Consumers turn to online shopping more often out of concern for their health, and to limit the number of contacts and time spent outdoors. A larger number of online purchases entails a considerable logistics challenge. There are also issues surrounding sterility and safety – especially as the supply chain involves numerous people. Parcels could potentially be contaminated at every stage. According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 may survive on surfaces, from a couple of hours to more than two weeks. It all depends on the type of surface, storage temperature, and air humidity. Safety and health issues will be the top priority even after the pandemic has ended.

Opening the patent to companies worldwide

This situation is a challenge (but also an opportunity) for companies developing parcel supply and storage technologies. Omnic installs thousands of self-service units every year, all over the world. Now it meets customer demand by launching innovative, first-in-the-world antivirus parcel stations.

What’s more important, the antivirus modules can be integrated with any self-service station, which means other retail or logistics companies can use it as well.They might either buy antivirus modules or produce them on their own, based on a technical specification provided by Omnic – free of charge.

– This technology is crucial for customers’ lives, thus we’ve decided to provide it for free. The only condition being that Omnic’s specialists need to have quality assurance and control over its implementation, which is free as well

– notes Arthur Grigorian, Omnic CIO

UV disinfection

Surely the biggest challenge in the case of delivery is the disinfection of parcels and parcel stations. Scientists today have high hopes for UV radiation technology used for the disinfection of i.a. cellphones, medical, or beauty equipment. What is more, in Shanghai it is also used for the disinfection of buses. According to World Health Organization data, ultraviolet light impacts microorganisms – including previously known coronaviruses, as well as popular pathogens causing colds or flu. Only UV-C light with the shortest wave has this property.

First parcel stations which kill 99% of viruses and bacteria

Omnic uses this effect in their first gem free OmniHub parcel stations. UV light and disinfection enable us to kill 99% of viruses and bacteria. The parcel locker module developed by the company consists of a sanitizer block, an UV block, motion detectors, and API integration with software to make sure that no one uses terminals before the full sanitizing cycle. It can be implemented in any existing self-service station.

Our parcel station has detectors that switch off the UV light when you approach it. Also, we made sure you will be able to open the station only after hand disinfection. These two features guarantee a high safety level, and we believe that our invention may turn out to be an e-commerce breakthrough.

What’s important, we also enable API integration with a self-service terminal so that the collection of parcels can be even safer.

– says Arthur Grigorian

OmniHub parcel stations are available for purchase. In addition, the technology is open and free to use by any company willing to produce it on their own.