Reasons why Lumus Investment Collective invested in Bikefair

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Lumus Investment Collective invested in Bikefair, a marketplace for verified used bikes based in the Netherlands.

Lumus Investment Collective is an angel investment club dedicated to bringing more women to the capitalization tables of successful startups. Launched less than a year ago by Lucia Cerchlanova, Vladimira Cincurova, Terezia Jacova, and Zuzana Zamborska, the project already attracted over 200 active female angel investors.

Bikefair is the clubs’ third investment. Lumus Investment Collective is growing its investment activities in the region, developing a curriculum for angel investment academies for women who want to start or expand their knowledge in early-stage investing as well as developing online community events for members of the club.

Lumus brought together two female angel investors, Ragnarson Invest that is investing in early-stage impact-driven startups, and Martin Káčer, a Slovak investor, previously invested in the largest bike courier service in Slovakia “Svihaj Suhaj”.

A total of EUR 435,000 was invested in this seed round.

Bikefair is a facilitated marketplace for verified second-hand bikes based in the Netherlands founded by Czech founder Jan Pecnik. No stolen bikes, no scam, just great prices from both bike shops and individuals. The bikes are delivered to customers’ homes. Bikefair focuses on trust, simplicity, and fun for the end-user.

We were looking for investors who are well-positioned to help us overcome any obstacles, which is something that happens at every startup. Even though we’re just starting to closely collaborate with the Lumus team and their investors, I think they can do exactly that for us. It has been clear from the very first moment that Lumus has a so-called “startup-first” approach.

said Jan Pecnik.

And why BikeFair caught the attention of our investors?

Bikefair proved that sometimes the simplest solutions are the key to complex problems. Enabling access to verified second-hand bikes supports that much-needed transition in mobility from cars to bikes. It positively influences air quality, circular economy, and last but not least, people’s wellbeing.

Investing alongside Lumus allowed us to support an amazing network of female investors. There is much work that needs to be done on that topic in CEE and they are on the right track to change the status quo.

answers Kasia Zalewska, from Ragnarson Invest.

Lumus team explained more about the synergy between them and BikeFair in their blog article.