Evonomix – Bunnyshell partnership to increase performance for ecommerce and SaaS projects

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Evonomix and Bunnyshell join forces to offer clients innovative digital solutions based on cutting-edge infrastructure, managed more efficiently.

Bunnyshell platform will offer support for Evonomix clients and partners through cloud infrastructure management and DevOps automation activities. This partnership aims to reduce the costs, complexity, and development cycle of the solutions offered by Evonomix by offering a constant operating speed for big data scenarios at the highest quality and availability. Thus, the e-commerce and SaaS projects developed by Evonomix will benefit of a solid infrastructure that will grow organically with the business at the lowest costs possible.

Evonomix is a Romanian marketing and technology company specialized in digital strategy, ecommerce and building digital products and services, with more than 10 years of experience.

In this dynamic context, where the users’ interactions and the technologies change dramatically every day, the companies must understand that constant testing, learning, and improvement of digital operations are critical, and they must go hand in hand with innovation. That is why we are permanently looking to expand our services through strategic partnerships with companies like Bunnyshell, which can help us offer quality and efficiency through integrated services and automation.

announces Elif Hagi-Calil, CEO Evonomix.

On the other hand, Bunnyshell is specialized in developing infrastructure management on the cloud. The Romanian company offers a multi-cloud platform that automates and simplifies the configuration for many cloud-related services. The platform is integrated with the most important cloud services providers (AWS, Azure Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode and Upcloud), but it can also be used as an on-premise service.

The partnership with Evonomix started from a common desire to offer high-quality services and products to the companies that manage online platforms. Hence, they can keep up with the digital transformation and manage their activity more efficiently without losing too much time for server configuration and solving infrastructure problems.

declares Alin Dobra, CEO Bunnyshell.

Using the Bunnyshell solutions, Evonomix clients can significantly improve their websites or online platforms’ performance in record time because they can manage quickly and easily a growing infrastructure as the business expands.

The top expertise of Evonomix and Bunnyshell companies translates into an increased performance of websites and online platforms through innovation and by automating repetitive processes that eventually lead to optimized costs, increased profitability, and time efficiency.