ML6, Belgian AI company, one of the fastest growing in Belgium

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ML6 umbrella company Skyhaus awarded with ambassador title by Trends Magazine.

ML6, the technology company specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning, may call itself one of the fastest-growing companies in Belgium. The impressive evolution and growth of the umbrella company Skyhaus were rewarded with the title of ‘Ambassador of Trends Gazelles’.

Each year, Belgian financial and economical magazine Trends ranks the fastest growing companies in Belgium under the ‘Trends Gazellen’ label. After Skyhaus was named the East-Flemish ambassador of Trends Gazellen earlier this month, the umbrella company of which ML6 is the best known member has now received the national ambassador title. 

Trends praises the strong growth figures that ML6 can present, with a turnover increase of no less than 800%. The fact that ML6 has clients in various sectors (including Pfizer, GSK, Procter & Gamble, ASML, Melexis, Bekaert, Belfius and ING) meant that the coronavirus wasn’t a huge hindrance for the growth of the company. The workforce at ML6 has grown by 87% over the past year to around a hundred employees, the majority of whom work from the head office near Ghent’s Sint-Pieters train station. ML6 also has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

AI as part of business strategy

ML6 helps clients to catch up in terms of technology and innovation. In doing so, it considers the role artificial intelligence can play within companies’ business strategy. Clients are guided towards making forward-looking technology choices in terms of data and cloud applications.

COVID-19 has accelerated digital adoption.

Now is the time to reset, pivot and think big. Data and AI are key in this transformation. Success lies in solving the non-technical challenges.

says CEO Nicolas Deruytter.
Nicolas Deruytter, CEO of ML6
Nicolas Deruytter, CEO of ML6

This is not the first time ML6 has won awards. Julie Scherpenseel, Strategy Officer at ML6, received the Young ICT Lady of the Year award from technology magazine Data News last year. And Deloitte nominated ML6 last year for the Technology Fast 50, the fifty fastest growing technology companies in Belgium.