Bootcamp Design Sprint, 26-27 October, Milan

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Intrigued by the SPRINT DESIGN? Fed up by projects that never make it up? If you heard about DESIGN SPRINT or you want to acquire the basic skills in just 2 days (2 full days, where you will experience the whole process) the Bootcamp Design Sprint is your workshop.

In the Bootcamp Design Sprint, you can try all the exercises, ask questions, consolidate your confidence in the process and develop the skills to run your own design sprints. You will also learn new and powerful ways to run your design sprints better and faster.

During the Bootcamp Design Sprint, you will put your hand on markers, attach post-it notes on the wall and more, while you will be guided through the entire 4-days DESIGN SPRINT process. There will be plenty of time for questions, curiosities, and suggestions, which arise from the experiences of the facilitators and the most significant cases known.

DESIGN SPRINT is the methodology developed in Google and made famous by Jake Knapp in his book Sprint. DESIGN SPRINT is a structured process to solve big problems and start developing products or services; it’s a sort of recipe for team problem-solving.

Design Sprint

In a DESIGN SPRINT, the team creates more alternative solutions, decides the best, then builds and tests realistic prototypes, all in less than just 4 days. Design Sprint is not implementation. It is an effective solution to validate the direction you want to follow for the development of a product or service. There are examples of excellent companies that have grown thanks to the use of DESIGN SPRINT.

What you will learn

  • How to run a Design Sprint, including the exercises and techniques of version 2.0
  • Tricks and reduced versions that you can use in all types of meetings and workshops to get the most out of your team
  • Concrete ways to make smarter decisions and do a better job faster
  • How to explain and sell Design Sprint
  • How to prepare tests and validate customers

Who should participate

  • Anyone wishing to bring the design sprint process into their team, company or organization.
  • Entrepreneurs and managers, who want to learn an effective method to improve the decision-making process, use the significant contribution of the team and take the risk safely on new ideas and significant innovations.
  • Designers, marketing experts, developers to learn how to involve the various stakeholders in the design process without going crazy, quickly and directly validating ideas with customers.
  • Facilitators, team leaders, sprint professionals who want to improve their facilitation skills and learn how to run sprints, workshops, and meetings that make good use of time.