Aikido Finance launches €5M Series A funding round to democratize Quantitative Finance in 2022

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Aikido Finance, the cloud-based investment platform from Dublin, today announced a fundraising round to raise €5M, supporting its plan to further scale the growth of the business and explore new markets.

Aikido Finance is a B2C SaaS Investment platform founded in 2020. The start-up was built from the ground up by a small team of 4 computer scientists and quant investors. It is a subscription-based platform, giving everyone access to investment strategies that traditionally have been confined to funds and firms.

Aikido finance dashboard

Aikido launched to a small group of beta-users in November 2020 and has now opened the platform to the public. Their long-term goal is to become the largest quantitative investment platform in the world.

Aikido recently closed its seed funding round, raising over €900k from 14 investors worldwide, including US VC firm GoAhead Ventures and with support from Enterprise Ireland. (you can read it here, StartupReporter previously wrote).

The company has now launched a Series A funding round for a further €5M, following the demand experienced since they opened.

Aikido Finance gives everyone access to automated investment strategies. These quantitative strategies have traditionally been confined to sophisticated financial institutions. Aikido aims to break down these barriers and level the playing field. They bring finance and technology together, allowing users to take a data-driven approach to their investing.

There has been a rise in the investor generation as more people than ever hop into the markets unaided.

We put structure, systems, and strategy behind investing, empowering our users to build their own investment portfolio and to do it systematically.

said CEO and Co-Founder Shane Monks O’Byrne.
Aikido Team
Aikido Team

Recent studies have reported that 75% of millennials and gen-z were planning to get involved in investment through trading platforms, leveraging technology for investment opportunities. Aikido Finance’s approach makes algorithmic trading available to everyone, not just those with coding knowledge, finance backgrounds and access to large amounts of capital.

Aikido now employs six people and aims to grow the team to 10 employees in early 2022. There has been a particular emphasis on hiring developers, designers, and marketers with a shared obsession for investing. The additional staff serve to cope with the surge in demand experienced since launch.

We appeal to investors who want to actively build their own portfolios with little effort. These are exciting times and since our launch earlier this year the demand for our platform has exceeded forecasts. It’s now time to announce our next funding round and explore new markets.

added CFO and Co-Founder Conor Naylor.