Aikido Finance €900k round to launch an investment platform

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Startup Aikido Finance aims to democratize Wall Street and give everyone access to the strategies traditionally confined to financial institutions. They put structure, systems, and strategy behind investing, in a time when so many retail investors are mindlessly trading the markets.

We want to empower you to build your own investment portfolio, and to do it systematically. Invest based on evidence, not emotion

 says CEO and Founder Shane Monks O’Byrne

 Aikido Finance announced the public launch of their cloud-based Investment Platform. Users can quickly build and live trade an investment portfolio using Aikido’s catalogue of research-backed strategies. Aikido wants to level the playing field, and give everyone access to the tools traditionally reserved to hedge funds.

  • 14 Investors from around the world, including US VC firm GoAhead Ventures invested in Aikido.
  • Aikido was founded by 4 young Irish entrepreneurs.
  • The company aims to give everyone access to Wall Street’s investment strategies

Aikido recently closed its seed funding round, raising €900k from 14 investors worldwide.

We couldn’t be happier with the group of investors backing us, each of them brings very unique industry experience and will be crucial in helping us achieve our mission of democratizing finance

 commented CFO and Founder Conor Naylor
Aikido Finance team
Aikido Finance team

Enterprise Ireland-backed Aikido Finance brings finance and technology together in one easy, and free-to-use platform for its community. Users can browse Aikido’s catalogue of investment strategies, create a portfolio, and live-trade in minutes. They put data and evidence behind investment decisions and make portfolio creation as automated and easy as possible.

We want you to invest based on evidence, not emotion. We want to empower you to build your own investment portfolio, and to do it systematically.

Elite hedge funds like Renaissance have returned over 66% per year on average.

They achieved this through quantitative investing; ie. using computers to make investment decisions. Well, we believe that the quantitative approach should be available to everyone, not only those with coding knowledge, finance backgrounds and access to large amounts of capital.

says CEO and Founder Shane Monks O’Byrne. 

Aikido will appeal to investors who want to actively manage their portfolios with little effort. With retail participation at all-time-high levels, they’re well-positioned to support those looking to add some structure to their investments. It is a problem on the minds of many, with the recent GameStop fiasco drawing in many retail investors with the potential of “easy” money.