99bros – Italian digital insurance brokerage platform

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99bros is a digital insurance brokerage platform that allows customers to choose the most suitable solutions for their risk profile thanks to an integrated system made of artificial intelligence, multimedia content, and specialized consultants.

Born during the lockdown with the aim of simplifying the insurance concept, it tries to respond to the demands of a generation (under 40s), aware that public pensions may not be sufficient, by giving them the opportunity to search online for all information, get an idea and buy directly digitally.

99bros joined an acceleration program at the LuissEnlabs LVenture Group (a startup accelerator based in Rome and Milan) in July 2020. The program will finish at the end of November with a presentation of the project to investors.

On the platform, users can deepen the topics of interest through thematic guides created by the 99bros experts and obtain support from a customer service available 24/7.  

On top of that, by answering some quick questions on the website, the 99bros machine learning algorithm suggests the most suitable insurance coverage, which can be purchased online by the customers in a few seconds. 

In particular, it solves the pension problem of the younger generations: the labour market is increasingly precarious, the average age increases and the withdrawal of the State from some areas of social support is inevitable; traditional insurance networks do not favour pension products as they are not very profitable, while 99bros takes advantage of digital channels and the young people’s attitude to investigate independently and buy online, to solve the problem allowing customers to subscribe to a pension fund in a breeze.

The portal also provides both life and non-life products from the best insurance companies dedicated to individuals, families, and startups.

99bros team - Italian digital insurance brokerage platform

The CEO Claudio Cancellieri is supported by Roberta Poggi, who has been dealing with customer assistance for over 20 years: further proof of how the first value for 99Bros is customer satisfaction.

With them also Davide Gulli, a professional with experience in the design, development and governance of enterprise-class IT systems; Stefano Santomauro, a software engineer who after 20 years of ICT and startups has dedicated himself to artificial intelligence.

The president is Sebastiano Fioroni, a manager with thirty years of experience in the commercial field and with skills also in the partnership field. Finally, the advisor Carlo De Simone, current CEO of European Brokers. a reality in the Italian insurance landscape with 11 active offices in the area.