On 21st of July Zefi.ai made into the Products of the day

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More than 800 people showed their support and love on product hunt to Zefi, the AI copilot that takes the busy work out of product teams.

Zefi is basically your PM assistant with superpowers ­č¬ä.

Zefi integrates with CRMs, Customer Support tools, Issue-tracking platforms, Communication and Collaboration tools used inside your company and can help you to automate:

  • clusterization of internal and external feedback
  • prioritize them
  • generate initiatives based on feedback
  • pull issues from issue-tracking platforms
  • generate and update roadmaps
  • made custom updates to stakeholders across multiple channels

It integrates with all your tools ÔÜĺ´ŞĆ, knows your company and goals ­čÄ», knows your customers ­čĹą, and streamlines all your workflow supporting you at each step of the product development cycle.

Zefi.ai dashboard

Friday we really had a lot of fun! Launching on Product Hunt has been a great opportunity to talk to our users, acquire many new ones, and make a fun team building activity.

We learned a lot from it and we think it was an amazing experience to strengthen the relationships that bond us to our community. This launch is the culmination of +150 users interviews, many product iterations and testing our product.

More than 800 people showed us their support and love on product hunt and we couldn’t be happier! Our waiting list has doubled in size (+500 Product managers are in trepidation to give a try to our product!)┬á

says Alexandros Fokianos, co-founder of Zefi.ai
Zefy.ai how it works

This is not the end though. It’s just the starting point from which we’ll elaborate, test our solution further and soon release┬áZefi.ai┬áon a public beta.┬á

We’re currently working on securing the platform, adding more integrations and letting the people flow in to enjoy the power of our AI copilot – the only one that combines experience in Product Management techniques with the power of vector embedding, large language models and a proprietary user-aware algorithm that modifies its behaviour based on context.

The insights Zefi can generate are company and context-specific, giving immediate value from the hundreds of unstructured data that companies usually have.

adds Leonardo Vezzati, co-founder of Zefi.ai
Zefi.ai co-founders
Zefi.ai co-founders (from left to right, Alexandros, Leonardo, Aurora, Daniele, Nicola)

Thanks again to our amazing community and partners, who demonstrated a lot of love, we are so happy to have you at our side on this journey! 

If you want to keep supporting us for the “Product of the week”, we’re still live on product hunt! we are at almost 800 upvotes and counting)

continues Alexandros Fokianos, co-founder of Zefi.ai