European Startup Festival startup list

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The date of European Startup Festival – 16-21 November 2020 during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Meet some startups joining at the European Startup Festival

  • Latitudo 40
    Founded in 2017 by 4 space industry experts and image analysis gurus, Latitudo 40 has combined the 20 years of experience of the “aged” founders to the multidisciplinary and young team which has grown to over 10 people.

    The startup vision is to give easy access to satellite images for everyone by bringing together data and algorithms from multiple sources and provide straightforward information to understand our planet from above. Its motto is “Earth Analytics made Simple“.

    Company’s values:
    Teamwork – Always seeking to help colleagues progress.
    Efficiency – Working smart to go faster.
    Demand- Giving ourselves the means to succeed.
    Humility – Being continually attentive and proactive in seeking new ways to progress.

  • DAC
    Dynamic Air Cooling technology is a new way to generate cold for industrial/residential air conditioning or refrigeration. It directly converts warm air into cold and is able to lower temperature by -60°C. DAC has no impact on the environment and uses no synthetic coolants. DAC is not limited by emission limits or government environmental regulations and can be applied as a universal cooling solution all over the world.

    Mission:We believe that we can make this world a bit cooler place to live!
    Values: responsible and sustainable business and scientific approach to the global challenge

  • BEF Biosystems
    The breeding of insects to transform organic residues into feed, agricultural soil improvers and components for the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

    Values: Sustainability, circular economy, food waste reduction
    Mission: Breed insects to transform organic residues into feed and other added-value products

  • Pocketcoach
    A digital coach for people who struggle with anxiety, stress or panic.

    Values:1. User-centred. 2. Open and honest 3. What we do is based on science.
    Mission: Be a digital coach for everyone who wants to live a better life.

  • WeBoard
    It is an online onboarding platform that uses virtual reality technology and thus guarantees a high success of the onboarding process thanks to the high quality of communication.

    The better the integration, the sooner an employee can create added value and benefit the company in his new position.
    Poor onboarding then results in dissatisfied employees who have lower work performance or leave the job altogether.
    WeBoard is a cross-platform solution. It therefore offers the possibility of displaying across platforms.
    Whether it is a desktop, mobile or even VR headset.

    Values:We want every employee to feel happy and confident in their employments by quality onboarding and training provided by HR managers in their companies. And they can achieve that with our WeBoard platform.
    Mission: To save onboarding and training costs.

  • That Ad Store
    The mission is to democratise digital advertising for growing businesses around the world. Welcome to the world’s first e-commerce store for digital advertising and more.

    Transform the digital advertising landscape. Always be honest. Make it easy for clients
    Mission: To democratise digital advertising for growing businesses around the world.

You can find more startup details via the link.

This year the European Startup Festival supports the people who are affected badly by the economic impact of covid-19 and makes a donation-based ticket option for those. So people who cannot afford a ticket can select “Donation” as a ticket type and then choose the amount they want to pay, instead of the regular price of the ticket.