Startup Portal raised $350K to build People Ops platform for distributed future

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Portal – a hub for running a remote company.
Funding from a group of international angel investors led by Adriaan Kolff.

The funds will be used to accelerate post MVP product development and support a more aggressive growth strategy.

Portal – a startup that helps distributed companies streamline international payouts and compliance for their remote workforce.

Remote work grew 156% in the last 5 years prior to Covid-19 pandemic, which accelerated its adoption over 10X in just several months.

Yet, 90% of companies surveyed by BVP in 2020 think today’s HR & payroll tools focused on the globally distributed workforce are insufficient.

Hiring in multiple jurisdictions and tightening regulations around the world is rapidly increasing complexity and amount of admin work companies need to deal with. At the same time, remote companies are under pressure to create a great experience for their teams working remotely — leaving less and less room for admin and compliance work.

Startup Portal helps distributed companies bridge that gap and streamline admin work, run international payouts and reduce legal risks associated with distributed operations. When your existing workforce is moved to Portal, a centralised source of information is created, saving you hours per month by fully automating payouts and multiple other recurring processes.

Also, Portal Pro upgrade gives a compliance superpower and works like having a local legal expert in each country where the company is present, only at 1/10th of the cost.

Startup Portal
Portal interface

Portal has managed to rally an exceptional team of people behind its mission, including ones that helped build companies like Revolut, Transferwise, and Google.

While building remote engineering teams at Global Talent and leading its operations on the scale of hundreds of people, I realised how little tools there are to help run and scale admin and compliance for distributed set-up.

We looked at what “remote veterans” do and realised they use workarounds and manual labour to deal with this complexity and also spending massive amounts on legal.

After over 100 companies signed-up for our beta, we started to hear how desperate and stressed some of them are, it became clear we were on the right path

said Andrew Bondarenko, CEO and Founder of Portal.
Andrew Bondarenko, CEO of Portal
Andrew Bondarenko, CEO of Portal

In just several months over 100 companies signed up for Portal Beta waitlist and since MVP release in late September, Portal is already running pilots with the first batch of early customers, with the plans to make it available for more companies soon.

As a founder of a distributed company, I had to deal with the struggles of compliance and payrolling in multiple countries. Andrew has created a payroll and compliance solution that solves exactly this.

I truly share Portal vision that remote work will continue to grow exponentially, and that talent can be found everywhere. That’s why I am so excited to lead this angel round.

commenting on leading the investment round Adriaan

Portal itself is a distributed company with the team, advisors, and investors spread over 10 different countries. The whole fundraising process was also done fully remotely, 0 offline meetings were held.

Investors that participated in the round include serial HR entrepreneur Maarten van der Kwaak, Usabilla founder Paul Veugen and one of the Netherlands most successful angel investors Marijn Pijnenborg.

This shift to more complex organisations operating in a more hostile and admin-heavy regulatory environment is something beyond just temporary WFH arrangement.

Companies of the future are distributed and hiring internationally and we want to be an ultimate People Ops platform for them, helping automate all admin possible and free-up more time for meaningful, creative work.

There is so much to be done here and we are just getting started!

said Andrew Bondarenko

Portal Manifesto says:

“Let’s create 1 million distributed jobs to build the future”

The team is constantly looking for exceptional people to join Portal even beyond the open roles they have. If you are passionate about accelerating transition into distributed future and believe you can help them make it happen – send your CV or LinkedIn to