Russian startup Liqvid Live Small Business Application Enters International Market

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The Liqvid Live application, developed by the Russian company Liqvid for managing content on screens in small business outlets in a few clicks, has appeared in the Google Play store.

During the testing of this app, it was downloaded and installed by more than 1500 clients in the USA, Russia and in Southeast Asia.

The online service Liqvid Live was created specifically for small businesses, which have monitors at their points of sale and services for broadcasting entertainment content and their own information and promotional materials to increase sales for the business itself.

The app allows businesses to independently and quickly set up broadcasting, download any content formats, create promotional materials for new services (offers of the day, discounts and much more), receive intelligent recommendations depending on the type of customer’s business, connect their network to the unlimited number of screens and alternate TV broadcasts with their own promo videos.

This is the first product on the market that makes it possible to abandon flash drives and complex software and hardware solutions and do everything yourself without experience, additional staff or someone else’s help in a matter of minutes directly from your mobile phone. Previously, everything was far more complicated and only large companies could afford such sophisticated software.

The test period is over and we launched the application on Google Play in April this year. Now we can claim that we have entered several target international markets. Currently, there are more than 1500 installations of the application. It was downloaded and installed by representatives of small businesses in the USA, Russia and in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

says Alexander Soloviev, Co-founder of Liqvid

According to Mr. Soloviev, the company plans to connect 10,000 screens in five countries by the end of the year. At the same time, new tools will be added to the service that meet the needs of small businesses.

Expansion of application services in the future will help increase revenue for small businesses, which is especially important for this market segment during a pandemic.

It will be possible not only to competently build your content in order to entertain visitors and sell them products and services but also to exchange content with other screens of other entrepreneurs. We will add mechanisms for tracking the audience and working with traffic

Alexander Solovyov shared about his plans for the development of the application.

The Liqvid company was founded in Moscow in 2018 by Maxim Panasenko and Alexander Soloviev. In 2020, the project received an investment of $ 1 million from one of the founders of the outdoor advertising operator Russ Outdoor Maxim Tkachev. The company is currently promoting two solutions for digital screen owners.

Liquid Live Team
(from left to right) Alexander Solovyev, co-founder, Tatyana Lobacheva, CEO, Maksim Panasenko, co-founder

Liqvid Live – ​​a simple solution for small and micro-business owners and managers – allows you to remotely manage content on the screen from both a smartphone and a PC, as well as broadcast popular TV channels; Liqvid AdPro is a more sophisticated product for professional screen owners who sell ad placements.