Finnish startup Exolyt raised €450K pre-seed as TikTok analytics and insights platform

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Exolyt’s solution supports marketers, product managers, and creators challenged by the untapped potential of the rapidly growing TikTok social media market.

Exolyt, a B2B SaaS platform offering TikTok analytics and insights, raised 450,000€ in pre-seed from Trado Capital and Founder’s Edge from Finland. The freshly raised funding will be used to scale the development of higher-value TikTok analytics features for business end-users and expand sales and marketing.

Exolyt Account Monitoring@3x
Exolyt Account Monitoring@3x

Companies of all sizes worldwide are currently grappling with fast-moving short video platforms, especially Tiktok. It creates large amounts of content quickly, making it challenging for many businesses to follow, examine and identify key trends.

With a mission to help businesses navigate this ecosystem, Exolyt has built an AI-powered platform that interprets TikTok user behaviour and performance analytics to give businesses a foresight into the brand’s growth potential.

As the TikTok market grows exponentially, we recognized the absence of tools that can provide holistic, actionable insights for companies.

So, Exolyt focused on providing higher value KPIs with data-driven performance monitoring, intelligent social listening, and intuitive insights that can disrupt modern approaches to social media strategy and consumer marketing.

says Henri Malkki, CEO and CEO Co-founder of Exolyt.
Co-Founders ( Left to Right - Mauri Karlin, Co-founder & Head of Development, Henri Malkki, Co-founder & CEO, Jonne Bovellán, Co-founder & Head of Product)
Co-Founders ( Left to Right – Mauri Karlin, Co-founder & Head of Development, Henri Malkki, Co-founder & CEO, Jonne Bovellán, Co-founder & Head of Product)

We are fortunate to find investors with a robust entrepreneurial background, share our passion for creating something new, and have the experience of turning it into a success story.

continues Malkki.

The founders from Trado capital supported this venture as they shared:

We recognized Exolyt has the potential to be a forerunner in its own space as they can capture market trends. Our understanding of value creation by growth companies led us to invest in this team of young and passionate founders who have been successful serial entrepreneurs. So we hope to support them in internationalizing this venture.

In 2022, TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide. It has over 800 million active monthly users and over 3 billion downloads. This led to the growth of new business segments of creator agencies and influencer management companies, both currently using Exolyt’s platform.

No other tool in our industry tracks TikTok influencer campaigns at scale with the quality & reports Exolyt has and does. It helps our team save hours creating reports allowing us to get up-to-date insights fast. Exolyt has been life-saving. No exaggeration!

says Titouan Urli, Global Director of Clients at Gen Z Nation, Germany.

The company has garnered over a million visitors, and almost 100 customers from 20 countries, including the United States and Japan, are benefiting from Exolyt’s solution.

Exolyt’s clientele now consists of medium to large creators, marketing agencies, and consumer brands. However, we also provide a 7-day free trial with convenient access to all our features for anyone who wants to test the platform without any obligation.

says Jonne Bovellán, Co-founder and Head of Product.

The Influencer Marketing Platform Market is estimated to have a CAGR of 33.4% by 2030. This market comprises influencer and campaign management, analytics, reporting, search, and discovery tools. While Exolyt currently provides analytics, reporting, and discovery features, it aims to expand the latter segment further for trend forecasting and semantic content analysis. 

With these features in place, Exolyt is paving its way toward becoming the go-to-market solution for multi-platform short video analytics and insights.