PetSensus, HealthTech startup, has raised $300K

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PetSensus, a start-up developing a pet health ecosystem, has raised a $300,000 Pre-seed round from an angel investor lead round.

Launched six months ago as a spin-off from human life data storage platform Longenesis, the start-up comprises an international team including Latvia and the U.S.  

The health ecosystem, in the form of a mobile and web app, provides each pet owner with a complete, personalized, science-based pet care plan tailored to their pets’ unique needs. The start-up aims to empower pet owners to become proactive care-takers, all the while making care intuitive and easy. 

Despite the growing prominence of the attentive ‘pet parent’ culture, which closely resembles human personalization of nutrition and care, major pet health indicators have steadily been deteriorating. In fact, the prevalence of cancer, and care-related illnesses including obesity and dental disease are at all-time highs, affecting 4 in every 5 cats and dogs. PetSensus might just be the wake-up call that pet owners desperately need.

“Our mission is happier, healthier and longer-living pets, and we believe the key lies in access to information and data,” said Martin Razuks-Ebels, CEO and founder of PetSensus. 

“Virtually every pet owner has a smartphone or computer. We believe that the power of technology should be used to take care of those we love. Our team aims to combine veterinary knowledge and AI-based tools and provide it at each pet owner’s fingertips in a way that is intuitive, easy, and most importantly – has a huge impact on pet health,” Razuks-Ebels added.

PetSensus goes a step further, by giving pet owners an opportunity to contribute their pets’ data to much-needed R&D efforts aimed at tackling population health issues from the industry-side. PetSensus recently announced its first partnership in this regard with AI drug-discovery industry leader Insilico Medicine. 

The start-up plans to launch its health ecosystem by the end of 2019.