Packhelp, Polish Startup, expands in Europe

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Packhelp is a provider of custom packaging solutions for online and offline businesses. The team expands its operations despite industry-wide challenges.

Packhelp, an online platform enabling brands to order and manage their packaging, has just announced that they are expanding their operations in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden and Romania. All of that despite global challenges in the packaging industry.

At the height of the COVID pandemic, 10 years of e-commerce growth occurred in just 90 days. Nearly 150 million people have tried online shopping for the first time in the last 12 months. That influenced a huge seasonal demand fluctuation for all types of packaging, causing issues in many supply chains all over the world.

The industry is seeing the biggest wave of disruption in decades, but for agile companies like ours, it also presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our tech and international network of suppliers allow us to operate faster and smarter than many other ‘typical’ packaging providers.

We’ve mastered our processes and know-how through working with over 35,000 customers all over Europe. I believe we, like no one else, are ready to help our clients to get through these challenging times.

says Wojciech Sawdoski, the CEO and Co-founder of Packhelp.

Packhelp connects brands of all shapes and sizes with packaging suppliers all over the world through innovative software. Their online editor allows small brand owners to design packaging in minutes, and get it delivered in just a few days.

Thanks to the great tech and close cooperation with suppliers, they are able to offer low minimum order quantities and instant quoting – making ordering packaging as easy as ordering anything online. Medium and big clients of Packhelp, on top of that, get flexible payment plans, and access to a team of packaging engineers and logistics experts.

We use our extensive knowledge of the market to ensure that our customers receive orders only from trusted suppliers. Thanks to our long-term relationship with them and agile approach we can ramp up quickly, and produce packaging in a shorter time, at a better cost.

adds Maciej Zając, CSCO of Packhelp.

The Packhelp team believes that online retailers faced with limited factory capacity will start looking for innovations within their packaging. First of all, they expect many brands to evaluate their usage of raw materials and look for tailor-made packaging, which will help to cut materials down.

This has been made all the more important by the current supply crisis and our push towards sustainability. Moreover, they believe that many growing brands will be
looking for entrusted partners, who can diversify their suppliers for them, ensuring that their packaging arrives on time.

Many of our clients, especially medium and big D2C brands, want to upgrade their packaging and have something tailor-made. At a certain point of your business lifecycle, you simply have to make this decision because in the long-term it will only benefit your budget and supply chain. We’re ready to support growing clients with our expertise.

concludes Artur Oboleński, Head of Packhelp Lab.

Packhelp has already added 18 roles to their 200-strong team to help better serve customers in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden and Romania. They have hired local customer support representatives, account managers and content specialists to fully embrace the potential of these markets and get closer to their customers. Lastly, customers ordering in these countries can access the Packhelp website and its virtual editor in their native languages, as well as have their payments processed in their local currencies.

The company’s expansion efforts come at an ideal time to support Packhelp’s rapid growth while taking advantage of the crisis.