Orderlion buys Supli to launch software platform for digitizing B2B food supply chain in France

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Orderlion, a Vienna-based technology provider for the F&B industry, recently secured €3.7M in pre-Series A financing and has now acquired French competitor Supli to expand into the French market.

This acquisition demonstrates the demand for and strength of Orderlion’s software platform, which is designed to make the global B2B food supply chain more scalable and sustainable.

Orderlion, a leading provider of software solutions for digitising the business-to-business (B2B) food supply chain, announced that it had acquired Supli. The French startup offering cutting-edge solutions for streamlining and improving food supply chains has been acquired. This move will enable Orderlion to deploy its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform across France and fast-track its global expansion.

Orderlion is teaming up with Supli to become a major contributor to the European digital transformation of business-to-business (B2B) food supply chains for small and mid-sized companies. Their software platform offers an all-in-one solution for order processing, sales management, customer service, and payments, allowing clients to optimize operations, cut costs, and boost profits.

From competitors to partners

The acquisition marks a milestone in the development of both companies, going from former competitors to partners. Supli was founded in 2018 by Romain Rousselet and Antoine Gutierrez with the same mission as Orderlion, aiming to support food supply chain businesses to become more efficient and sustainable.

Since its inception, the company grew to €50M in GMV from industry-leading suppliers running their operations on the Supli eCommerce platform.

Existing customers of Supli were already switched over and onboarded to Orderlion’s digital platform as part of the transaction, highlighting that it is the most comprehensive eCommerce Operating System (OS) for food suppliers and wholesalers on the market.

The acquisition of Supli is an important step in our strategy to expand our presence in Europe.

Supli has developed very innovative solutions that are complementary to our own offering, and we look forward to working with them to bring these benefits to more businesses across France.

said Stefan Strohmer, CEO of Orderlion.
Stefan Strohmer (CEO of Orderlion)
Stefan Strohmer (CEO of Orderlion)

All Supli employees and the company’s two experienced founders, who previously lived and worked in Paris and New York in the consulting industry, are now joining Orderlion, whose team gained great insights from Supli’s previous product and client relationships, supporting the further enhancement of its platform.

It is a great milestone and the beginning of a new chapter for our team to have now become part of Orderlion.

From the beginning, we’ve seen how strongly aligned both our company’s visions were and knew by combining our teams and technology platforms, we could significantly increase the value we bring to our customers.

We are very much looking forward to growing Orderlion’s business in France together.

commented Romain Rousselet, former Founder & CEO of Supli.

A SaaS eCommerce Operating System for a fragmented, under-digitized market

With the goal of offering the best vertical industry solution exactly tailored to the needs of F&B suppliers, Orderlion’s eCommerce Operating System enables SMEs along the food supply chain to set up their own mobile apps for digital order processing, integrating seamlessly with supplier’s existing ERP systems.

With its growing range of features, Orderlion additionally allows its customers to e.g. easily upsell new and seasonal products to increase revenue on average by 35% and digitize their whole payment processing flow to save up to 95% of their process costs.

With its team of HORECA and SaaS industry experts, Orderlion has established a highly capital-efficient business model with a growing GMV of more than $150M. Customers now use Orderlion’s product in five countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, and France).

It has seen strong early adoption despite the COVID-19 crisis that severely impacts the global food industry.

After Orderlion’s entry into the French market, the recently announced €3.7M pre-Series A financing will be used for further international expansion, growing the team, and extending the company’s product line-up.

With a remote team spread across several countries and 10 nationalities, Orderlion is already well on its way to becoming a fully global company in the coming years.