Danish startup NordicGrow will help you grow herbs at home in a sustainable indoor garden

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The idea behind NordicGrow came from seeing an increasing interest among consumers to be more sustainable in their everyday life and grow more food at home. However, often the problem is that we forget or don’t know how to tend to our plants and herbs and that we don’t have enough sunlight in our apartments. Therefore, the Founders created Kurt. With Kurt they enable private consumers to grow food at home in the most simple and natural indoor garden.

We launched Kurt in autumn 2020 and were sold out within a week! Now we want to scale up our production and get Kurt out to everyone. Therefore, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign in the beginning of April!

We want to increase the use & awareness of sustainable food technology.

says Peter Haurum, Founder & CEO of NordicGrow.

NordicGrow’s indoor garden Kurt is produced in Denmark and made with recycled plastic and oak wood leftovers. As the plants get all the light and water they need, you can grow three herbs all year around with Kurt. So even if you don’t have a green thumb you can get a green home.


Sustainability and materials:

The future of sustainable food production:

  • With Kurt you save up to 80% water compared to standard growing methods
  • Minimal waste from herbs. 50% of all herbs/veggies end as trash.
  • Efficient LED lighting. Costs less than 100 kr. per year to use (if you have the light on 24/7)


  • Recycled plastic. We use plastic that otherwise would be burned and release Co2
  • Reclaimed oak wood. We use offcuts from wood production (wood that otherwise would be thrown out)

Soon NordicGrow will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Already now you have the chance to get a discount on the product when signing up on NordicGrow’s website. You will secure a 20% discount if you pay a deposit of 20DKK before the launch.