Nomination for EuroAsian Startup Awards is open

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Anyone can nominate the startups and individuals from the ecosystems of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Turkey, and Ukraine until 21 July at the

EuroAsian Startup Awards is part of the world’s largest no-pitch, no-conference startup competition, Global Startup Awards that aims to find, recognize and connect the future shapers of the digital age from all around the world.

The competition covers the Nordics, Central Europe, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, South Asia, and South Europe. EuroAsian Startup Awards is the newest region in the initiative including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Nomination is the first step for local startups to go global

At EuroAsian Startup Awards, startups and other nominees compete in three level, national, regional and global. Nominated startups will be first shortlisted after nomination closes and the bests in each category selected by recognized ecosystem stakeholders.

National winners will be announced at the national finals taking place in each country in September.

Startups can be nominated through the online platform by anyone, even by themselves.

EuroAsian Startup Awards expects thousands of nominations from the eight countries with the aim of finding innovative solutions among others from AI and Big Data to IoT and FinTech and providing unique opportunities for local startups to grow their network, validate their ideas, find business partners and reach the global market.  

EuroAsian Startup Awards brings a global startup network to the region

EASA is part of the world’s largest startup competition, Global Startup Awards that is already present in 3 continents, 7 region and covers the 32% of the world. Therefore, participating local startups can enjoy the benefits of a global network of corporates, investors, experts, incubators, accelerators and the international media.

We’re excited to bring this excellent global competition and network to this excellent region with lots of potential and talent.

We deeply believe that it’s time for the world to take a look at the East and discover the opportunities of it in the field of innovation.

We will play a key role in this by integrating the regional startup ecosystems, finding and connecting local startups to global circulation and facilitating global collaborations.”

said Attila Sándor, founder and CEO of EuroAsian Startup Awards.