GuestReady unveils the new brand identity

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GuestReady brand identity emphasises its growth and commitment to the property management and alternative hospitality industry.

Showcasing GuestReady’s evolution, the rebranding highlights its dedication to property management and hospitality excellence. Developed alongside Lovework Studio, the new identity features a contemporary logo, natural colours, and a distinctive tone of voice, emphasising efficiency, trust, and exploration.

GuestReady, a leading property management and hospitality company, unveiled its new brand identity today. The rebranding comes nearly seven years after the company’s inception and follows its rapid growth post-recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our new brand identity is a testament to the growth and success of GuestReady in the property management and alternative hospitality industry. As we continue to expand our services and capabilities, we wanted to ensure that our brand keeps up and represents the company effectively.

GuestReady Office Window
said Alexander Limpert, CEO of GuestReady

Lovework Studio, cofounded by Robyn and Campbell Butler, was chosen from over 30 creative agencies for the rebranding initiative. Sinan Abdel Sattar, Global Head of Marketing at GuestReady, guided the effort and shared his thoughts on selecting Lovework Studio, saying:

Lovework’s energy and Campbell’s remarkable experience as Design Director at Wolff Olins and Creative Director at Design Studio leading brand projects including Get Your Guide, Frontify, Property Finder and Meraas made Lovework the perfect match for GuestReady’s transformation.

Sinan Abdel Sattar

Working with GuestReady has been awesome. Together, we have developed a brand identity that reflects the company’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences in the property management space.

The new logo, colours, and tone of voice capture the essence of GuestReady’s mission and will undoubtedly support their continued growth and success.

commented Campbell Butler

GuestReady’s new logo features an abstract “G” constructed of shapes that represent portals and windows, symbolic of the opening of possibilities, experiences, and the properties they manage. The colour palette is warm and inviting,  referencing colours found in the urban and rural areas where GuestReady operates.

GuestReady’s updated tone of voice emphasises efficiency, celebrates the details, inspires exploration and conveys trust.

All identity elements have been designed to work dynamically in animation and interaction. The new website brings everything together and highlights a positive new direction for the brand.

GuestReady Billboard

With its rebranding, GuestReady reaffirms its commitment to its core mission: making short stays a better experience for everyone, everywhere. This rebranding aims to solidify GuestReady’s position as a hospitality industry leader and continue providing exceptional experiences for its customers.