Wonderway launches AI Sales Coach for pressured sales teams

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German sales startup launches AI coach for sales teams.

Wonderway has launched an AI sales coach to help pressured sales teams drive better results. Wonderway Coach uses Chat GPT to review thousands of hours of sales calls and suggests actionable feedback to improve sales rep performance and boost revenue. This is the latest tool developed by Wonderway, a team obsessed with helping sales deliver their best results.

Ongoing challenges posed by the economic downturn are putting pressure on sales teams to deliver, while burdened sales managers often struggle to provide meaningful feedback to team individual members that could help them improve

Wonderway Coach eliminates the need for manual review of sales calls and provides actionable insights to help improve sales performance and boost revenue, enabling managers to provide detailed feedback at scale.

wonderway coach

I’ve been using conversation intelligence tools for years but never really got much value from them as I never had time to watch the calls.

The amazing thing about WonderwayCOACH is that it really understands what’s happening on the call, providing real feedback on pain identification, implications, and objection handling just like I would – except it has the time to be able to watch 100% of the calls.

said Bowen Moody, CEO of Wonderway

With Wonderway Coach, sales managers can:

  • Gather qualitative feedback on their reps’ calls
  • Save hours of time reviewing calls
  • Give reps clear actions on how to improve
  • Identify gaps and see trends over time

The Beta version of Wonderway Coach is currently available for free to try.