Ephy – a new community platform for online creators and educators

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Ephy is an innovative community platform that gives a unique voice to your knowledge, expertise and passions.

With Ephy it is possible to build a more meaningful online presence for your insights and passions, inspire your communities, and highlight your individuality the way you want to.

The team believes that modern tools and technologies can broaden access to new economic opportunities, improve how we learn and help create more meaningful livelihood. 

“Lots of tools and platforms now focus too much on ad revenues, controlling algorithms that force you to see specific content, overwhelming you with irrelevant information.

We believe there is so much more technology can offer and help us become more relevant in today’s noisy world. For example, you are an educator who wants to monetize your expertise and engage with your audience around interesting topics, or an entrepreneur who wants to promote your novel idea or findings.

With Ephy you can do this in powerful new ways”

say co-founders of Ephy, Andrew Sorohan & Dmitriy Scherbina

Built for online creators, entrepreneurs, educators and organizations, Ephy gives people a unique space for their insights and expertise to reach new and engaged communities. Centered around building communities, Ephy connects you to truly inspiring and authentic individuals.

There is a big potential for NGOs to leverage this tool to become more sustainable in their funding. Having all in one place where NGOs can share the impact they are making and receiving donations on a regular basis from people who find it valuable can be a game changer for many NGOs out there. 

The team working behind Ephy is small and agile with a strong background in consumer products and education.

Founders studied engineering, economics, and mathematics at leading universities around the world, we’ve successfully built products for Amazon, Ring and Talkable.

Additionally, they have a strong entrepreneurial background with founding, investing, and working for multiple venture-backed startups.

The product was launched on ProductHunt on 21st October 2020

Ephy – a new community platform