Awesomic, a Stamford-based startup, raised $2 million in investments from Y Combinator, venture funds, and angel investors

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Awesomic startup, which connects companies with designers, has raised $2 million in investments.

Business accelerator Y Combinator, Flyer One Ventures and SID Venture Partners funds, investment companies 10x Value Partners and Pretiosum have invested in the project.

Awesomic is a US company (Stamford) and the team is working remotely from over the world (mostly from Europe and US), and is preparing to launch a physical sales department in the US. 

Over 20 business angels also participated in the investment round, including Ragnar Sass (Pipedrive), James Park (Fitbit), John Graham and Jeffrey Rosen (Humble Bundle), Bas Godska (Acrobator Ventures), Mikko Silventola (Frontier VC), Yong Yi Sung (Atlas), Vicente Zavarse (YammyApp), Alexander Khuda, Andrew Surzhynskyi (Restream), Max Ischenko (DOU, Djinni), and John Moyer (BeyondTrust, DesktopStandard).

The primary purpose of the investments will cover growth hypothesis testing and team development. The startup will expand its teams in the Product and Growth divisions. The company is also planning to scale its design community.

How it works: the algorithm decomposes customers’ tasks into parameters and matches the task with the customer on the same day. The tasks include logo development, branding, web and product design, presentations, animations, and printed materials. A monthly subscription with access to graphic designers costs $995 and $1495 for the package with access to product designers. Customers receive daily updates on tasks during the business week.

The company was founded by Roman Sevast (CEO/CTO) and Stacy Pavlyshyna (COO/CMO) in 2020. The startup raised a pre-seed round in the summer of 2020 and entered the Y Combinator program in 2021.

Every company needs great design for their products and marketing. There are many companies out there selling solutions but results are unpredictable.  Awesomic’s approach, guaranteeing same day turnaround on design tasks, makes design a repeatable, reliable business process just like hosting software on AWS.

according to Y Combinator Group Partner Brad Flora.

Awesomic collaborates with startups at various stages of their development, along with digital agencies. More than half of their customers are located in the United States. The remaining customers operate from Europe, Canada, and other regions.

Some of the case studies could be found on Awesome case page.

More than 800 companies have already worked with Awesomic, with 100+ of them representing startups from Y Combinator. It is also worth mentioning Reface, Ciklum,, MemoryOS as Awesomic’s customers. The platform designers also created art illustrations and merchandise collections for celebrities.

Awesome’s goal is to open up access to worldwide talents and offer a new lifestyle as an alternative to freelancing for professionals. These experts will benefit from working in a community-based team with professional challenges from global companies.

We plan to create a new unicorn within just the next 3-5 years. We have set a goal to reach $10 million in ARR in 2022. In addition, we are also expanding the team to more than 50 people and are actively looking for marketers, developers, recruiters, copywriters, business analysts. We will be glad to have strong specialists on the Awesomic team.

stated by Roman Sevast.
Awesomic founders Roman Sevast and Stacy Pavlyshyna
Awesomic founders Roman Sevast and Stacy Pavlyshyna

Their team includes 15 people today. More than 60 designers are working daily through Awesomic app, performing over 500 tasks monthly. According to Awesomic’s analytics, 97% of customers are satisfied with the result, which is possible due to the careful selection of designers. Only 7% of specialists filing applications with Awesomic pass this process.