The Belgian startup Urbeez raises € 2.5M investment to roll out 100% electric deliveries

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The Belgian start-up Urbeez, based in Brussels, has just managed to raise 2.5 million euro from investors specializing in logistics, to deploy its electric delivery vehicles throughout Belgium.

Urbeez was founded in October 2020 and is revolutionizing deliveries in major cities thanks to a 100% electric vehicle park. From cargo bikes to vans and scooters: all of their utility vehicles rely on electricity for transport.

Urbeez is a game-changer in an environment experiencing full development, due to the booming e-commerce and closure of physical shops caused by the health crisis. Today, the company has a fleet of 80% cargo bikes and 20% vehicles on 3 or 4 wheels, which are used for its deliveries to the city centre, and already covers the entire 19 Brussels municipalities, from Monday to Saturday.

Their vehicle park allows them to deliver at any hour of the day, with a precision of 15 minutes within the announced arrival time, and with a delivery rate of 99%. To charge its vehicles, Urbeez relies on the network of electric charging stations currently being rolled out in city centres and at a logistics centre in the north of Brussels fully working on green energy.


Urbeez offers a solution to all companies, regardless of their size
The company already works with major retail players such as IKEA and Colruyt, but also with Brussels initiatives such as Brussels’ Kitchen.

Thanks to Urbeez, companies are opting for a responsible delivery solution and can now reduce their CO2 footprint by using fast and less polluting means of transport than conventional vehicles. In addition, their eco-friendly e-cargo delivery solutions have a real impact on air quality, on the reduction of congestion in large cities and on the use of fossil fuels.

An investment offering great perspectives
From the first quarter of 2021, the start-up will be running its operations in other Belgian cities, partly thanks to this investment which strengthens its role in the whole territory. The company is experiencing rapid expansion thanks to strategic partnerships including Indigo Group and the provision of space in car parks to create urban storage areas.

Urbeez can also count on a reliable Track & Trace IT solution provided by start-up Urbantz. This solution provides a double advantage: a proof of delivery for the seller, and for the buyer, the possibility to follow their parcel in real-time as soon as the courier receives it.

With Urbeez, we want to reassess the logistics sector, and transform the entire distribution network to make it electric. This will allow us to improve service delivery and quality in a sector under extreme pressure.

says Angelino Capretti, founder of Urbeez

Angelino Capretti had a successful experience with Tier Mobility in Brussels, the European market leader in sustainable micro-mobility, and after managing their activities in southern Europe (France, Spain, Italy, …), Angelo realized that it was impossible to find companies in the logistics sector that only operate with 100 % electric vehicles.

Angelo, therefore, decided to build this service internally. At that point, he realized that the market had many opportunities for electric delivery solutions. Today, more and more companies require green logistical resources (procurement, compliance with ISO standards…) and governments also want to encourage the deployment of logistical resources up to the last sustainable kilometre.