Ukrainian Women in Tech Empowerment Community, Wtech, Establishes Chapters in 23 Countries

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Over the past year and a half, Wtech, a Ukrainian non-profit community founded by Victoria Tigipko and Viroslava Novosylna in 2018, aimed at supporting women leaders in the tech industry and online business, has successfully launched representative offices across Europe, the USA, and Asia. The community has expanded to encompass chapters in 23 countries.

Before the full-scale war, Wtech was actively operating in 12 cities in Ukraine, as well as in London and Berlin. Following February 24, Wtech’s mission shifted to assisting community members who had left Ukraine by aiding in their adaptation to new countries, job searching, investment opportunities, and networking. By fostering their own businesses and teams, these women contribute to the economic progress of Ukraine. Wtech extended its presence to the Netherlands, USA, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, France, Spain, Austria, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Australia, Vietnam, Slovakia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cyprus.

The community serves as a hub for startup founders, IT and digital company executives, and angels and partners of venture funds from across Ukraine, aiming to promote business growth, knowledge exchange, and mentorship from industry leaders.

Currently, the community has 5000+ members, 50+ volunteers and 35 mentors in 34 chapters worldwide. Openings in Geneva, Milan, Madrid, Brussels, Monaco and other geographies are planned for 2023/2024.

The role of women in the economy, work, and business management has evolved significantly since the onset of the full-scale war. Many community members had to relocate and required local support.

This expanded the goals of our community – now we’re creating international networks, spanning various geographies, to discover opportunities for Ukrainian women in tech worldwide.

Our strength lies in the synergy of these networks.

emphasizes Victoria Tigipko, co-founder of Wtech, founder and managing partner of TA Ventures, and president of ICLUB Global
V.Tigipko, V.Novosylna
V.Tigipko, V.Novosylna

The past year marked an intense period of geographic expansion for Wtech. This expansion was not just driven by the team’s ambitions, but by the challenges women in the tech industry and related fields currently face. The launch of initial international chapters garnered significant interest from Ukrainian women and like-minded individuals worldwide. The team received numerous requests to establish Wtech representative offices in new locations.

Throughout the year, Wtech coordinators and members in various countries initiated volunteer projects, joined support efforts for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and expanded their businesses into European markets.

They occupy positions in international companies and actively support their teams and colleagues. This significantly bolsters the entire Ukrainian tech ecosystem.

highlights Viroslava Novosylna, co-founder of Wtech and CEO of PR agency SLOVA Tech PR
Viroslava Novosylna
Viroslava Novosylna

A noteworthy innovation was the division of the community into geographical regions: Wtech USA, with representation in 9 cities, and Wtech Europe, spanning 12 cities. These divisions are led by enthusiastic volunteers and ambassadors — Ivanna Wendel and Valeriya Borshch.

Valeriya Borshch underlines the crucial role of European chapters in supporting Ukrainian women who relocated due to the war.

By offering grants, legal protection, and avenues for integration and employment, Germany, in particular, showcases its commitment to human rights and gender equality. In turn, we provide women with support, fresh professional opportunities, and educational resources.

asserts Valeriya Borshch
Berlin, Valeria Borsch
Berlin, Valeria Borsch

When discussing the significance of the community for Ukrainian women globally, and women in the tech realm, especially in America, one cannot underestimate its impact on development and women’s empowerment. In the last six months, we have launched 9 new Wtech chapters in the United States.

These new communities not only aid women in tech in finding their path and securing support, but also positively contribute to Ukraine’s image as a contemporary tech-forward nation.

The community fosters cooperation, the exchange of knowledge, and mutual learning between Ukrainian tech experts and their global peers.

adds Ivanna Wendel
San Francisco, Ivanna Wendel
San Francisco, Ivanna Wendel

By years-end, Wtech aims to establish chapters in 50 cities across the globe. Additionally, the community is actively working on launching a WTECH Fund, which will support Ukrainian founders in the early stages of startups.

It’s important to note that Wtech operates as a non-profit organization with support from volunteers worldwide. More than 50 women partners manage the extensive community. Currently, the primary objective is to form partnerships in different countries, allowing members to seamlessly integrate into various ecosystems. The team proactively collaborates with co-working spaces, airlines, hotels, and corporations to build this expansive network. Wtech has already garnered support from UKLON, FavbeTECH, Google for Startups, Kooperativ, The SIBB Incubator, TeamWorking by TechNexus, and The Bureau Business Center.

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