Ukrainian startups at Web Summit 2023

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Web Summit 2023 will take place from 13 to 16 November in Lisbon.

Startup Showcase brings together startups from various industries to present their company and vision to our attendees, investors and members of the international media.


Headway is an EdTech startup that creates micro-learning products, helping 50M+ private and corporate users worldwide achieve their goals.

  • Stand G105, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Ilya Lukach (Head of B2B & Partnership), Olha Rode (Global Communications Specialist), Alena Lytvyn (Head of Communications), Oleksandr Yaroshenko (Head of Strategy & Investments)
  • One additional fact: a team of 200+ people across 3 continents and 4 offices, ARR $130.

Promova – innovative and fun language learning platform that creates personalised experiences to help people achieve their educational goals.

  • Stand G103, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Alena Kozub (Head of Brand and Global Communications), Andrew Skrypnyk (CEO), Sergii Filonenko (Head of Design), Kate Borovska (CMO), Daria Shevchenko (Delivery Manager), Olha Kruhlova (QA Lead).
  • One additional fact: 680K monthly clients, 9 languages, 11M downloads, and 2,8M users have enrolled in the English-to-English course

All Right pro – Learn English online with a personal teacher on an interactive platform. Freedom to speak. Anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

  • Stand B207, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Olena Badovska (CMO), Anastasiaa Lobko (Head of B2B sales), Larysa Machulianska (Support Lead).
  • One additional fact: content strategy for Poland and Romania. Next potential openings – Spain and Italy.

Movyty – an AI-powered platform. Teachers create and earn, and learners practice pronunciation and grow vocabulary. 

  • Stand A618, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Denys Zaichenko (CEO), Ross Dzikovskyi (CTO), Alona Balme (PR manager)

E-commerce & retail

Adynamite – AI-based Cloud Software Suite that takes your marketing to the next level.

  • Stand B511, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Oleksii Chyrchyrko (COO), Ivan Gurin (CEO).
  • One additional fact: 200 active users during Beta (no ads), 20 case studies.

Indexbuy – an e-commerce network of consumers managing common interests and profit distribution among the site’s clients. 

  • Stand A785, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Vitalii Salei (CEO), Danyil Bilichenko (Head of Marketing & Sales).

Telecommunications & IT

Codebridge – your partner for IT outsourcing, providing software development, UI/UX design, DevOps, and outstaying services in Europe and the US.

  • Stand B118, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Konstantin Karpushin (CEO), Myroslav Budzanivskyi (CTO), Dmytro Galyas (Head of Design Department), Diana Blotnytska (Project Manager).
  • One additional fact: 2 weeks from idea to prototype and 10 weeks to first release.

myGaru is a Web3 Platform grounded on telecom-driven Onion ID technology, independent of third-party cookies and user authentication.

  • Stand A156, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Vitaliy Morozenko (CEO).

Fintech & financial services

Easy Peasy – neo-insurance platform enables drivers to optimise motor insurance on a pay-per-mile basis.

  • Stand A231, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Konstiantyn Palazov (COO), Marina Avdyeyeva (founder), Oleksii Aleksashyn (CEO).

Epicurus – a multifunctional platform, your universal tool in the world of investing.

  • Stand A211, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Daniel Lazorenko (Business Development Officer), Max Rybin (CEO), Babayev Farid (CTO).

Kuna pay – crypto acquiring platform that provides payment acceptance in cryptocurrencies for businesses.

  • Stand A250, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Sam Kaploushenko (CBDO), Mykhailo Rakov (CTO), Iryna Karpenko (Product manager).

Trident ERP – IFRS-based finance management solutions for SMBs that include HRM, Recruitment, and CRM capabilities.

  • Stand A228, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Kostiantyn Markovych (CEO).

Data & analytics

Gradus Research – fast and affordable social and marketing surveys in its mobile application.

  • Stand B621, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Yevgeniya Blyznyuk (CEO), Daria Nagaieva (Sales and Development Director)
  • One additional fact: getting ready to enter US and EU markets.

Trementum – social media research tools for supervision.

  • Stand A829, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Anton Dek (Research director).

SaaS is a Digital Asset Management platform that helps businesses manage libraries of media assets (design, photos, video, presentations, etc.)

  • Stand B630, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Yevgeniy Shpika (CEO), Alex Nikitin (CEO).

Pitch Avatar – AI-powered platform for making your slides interactive to grow the number of demo calls, lead generation, and audience engagement. 

  • Stand B628, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Pavlo Zhdanovych (founder), Victoria Abed (CRO).

Platma is an Extreme No-Code Software Development Platform – simple declarative English as a code. 

  • Stand B604, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Yaroslav Kologryvov (CBDO), Alex Voloshyn (CIO), Max Kolyada (CTO).

Effy – AI Employee Review Software.  

  • Stand A720, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Andrew Makhovskyi (CEO), Andrii Birzov (CRO). – easy and instant multi-device tests of your tracking links with a proactive alert system.

  • Stand A745, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Ivan Liashenko (CEO), Oleksii Parkhomenko (CTO).

HESH – real-time production automation framework.

  • Stand A731, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Ulyana Kyrychuk (founder), Julia Stoliaruk (Production analyst), Olha Metofor (Project manager).

Neemb – OKR and Kansan got together in one task manager to help small teams achieve goals by completing everyday tasks. Track it till you make it.

  • Stand A765, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Vitalina Makorevych (Product Manager), Oleh Flyak (CEO), Alina Leshchuk (Marketing specialist).
  • One additional fact: MAU 984, DAU 121, 10 Paying teams.

StackBooster – AI-powered cluster autopiler plus ML-driven predictive vertical pod scaling for Kubernetes.

  • Stand A7115, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Alex Sharabudinov (CEO), Olga Kavunenko (CBDO), Yaroslav Prysiazniuk (Product-Focused developer & Analyst).

UGLA ERP/CRM – an all-in-one instrument to manage your company, accessible worldwide without additional equipment.

  • Stand A747, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team Vira Bondarenko (Marketer), Mykhailo Kushnir (CTO), Inna Kovalchuk (Marketing Partner).

Uspacy – an online service, a single workspace for organizing the daily processes of SMBs. It’s communication, collaboration, and sales. All-in-one.

  • Stand A728, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Dmytro Suslov (CEO), Kyrylo Melnychuk (CTO), Spartak Polishchuk (CPO).
  • One additional fact: $11.4K MRR, MAU 8300.

Hardware, robotics & IoT

ProstoPay – IoT and SaaS solutions for automated retail strengthened with customer-centric applications.

  • Stand B117, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Ivan Makushenko (CEO).

Mobility, transportation & logistics

Yard.Delivery – locker to locker express delivery service.

  • Stand B415, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Oleksandr Korniychuk (CEO), Oleksandr Kuznych (CMO), Maryana Skoropad (Research assistant).

AI & machine learning

Aesthetic Cam helps you choose all the right angles for the most incredible shots.

  • Stand A410, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Mykhaylo Merkulov (Managing director).

Consultacia – AI interpretation of medical test results, including the symptoms and life stories.

  • Stand A445, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Yuliia Tychynska (CEO), Iryna Novytska (Manager), Oleksandr Sydorov (Art director).
  • One additional fact: 40K active monthly users.

FlashDev AI – specialises in AI integration for diverse businesses, and delivers tailored AI SaaS solutions for global market needs. 

  • Stand A426, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Mykhailo Baairaka (CEO) is an AI-powered development platform that aims to simplify and accelerate software development by using AI.

  • Stand A450, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Yaroslav Dzyoma (CEO).

Social media & networking – a modern home for traditional art: helping the other 99% of professional artists to ensure fair compensation for their talent.

  • Stand A803, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Stepan Orda (CEO), Alina Akseninko (Front-end developer). – a global solution for workplace loneliness. The platform offers anonymity for sharing personal stories and connecting via video.

  • Stand A802, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Bogdana Kostiuk (CEO).

Advertising, content & marketing

BrandVox – social media performance, competitors’ intelligence, social listening, text analysis – all in one.

  • Stand A809, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Marta Kopyl (Marketing specialist), Olena Shabunina (CEO).

Express Landing – GEO delivery-based solution with tracker, clocking, traffic analyser and landings hosting all-in-one for affiliates and e-commerce.

  • Stand A865, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Oksana Pomazanko (Head of product), Liudmyla Pomazanko (Business development), Yuliia Aksenenko (Sales manager).

Lumiere3D – creating stunning cinematic 3D product video ads in minutes.

  • Stand A837, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Anton Averich (CEO). – AI-powered SEO chatbot: similar to GPT but leverages real-time SEO insights to achieve Google’s top ranking. 

  • Stand A821 Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Oleksandra Neiezhmakova (Project manager).

HR & recruitment

CleverFleet – your Chief Remote Officer that helps hire, pay and retain your remote Ukrainian team.

  • Stand A630, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Dmitry Kiryukhin (CEO)

Joidy – software development partner to turn your ideas into reality.

  • Stand A645, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Alina Ashortiia (CEO), Olha Savka (BDM), Svitlana Kharchuk (Business development manager)

MakeDeal – recruit smarter, not harder: data-driven hiring with ATS, Analytics & Teamwork.

  • Stand A644, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Oleg Panchenko (founder).

Gaming, VR & AR

Conversation to God – a game app with VR and AI technologies for detecting and reshaping of Fundamental Subconscious Beliefs. 

  • Stand A333, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Dmytro Novytskyi (founder).

Time Master – a mobile game startup.

  • Stand A308, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Sergii Vlasko (CMO), Vitalii Perekupka (COO).


DeXe DAO Studio – platonic utopia on the blockchain.

  • Stand A242, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Serhii Kravchenko, Artem Myronchuk (Business developer).

Trustee Plus is a digital money currency platform offering services for buying, selling, exchanging crypto and getting a cryptocard. 

  • Stand A251, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Vadym Hrusha (CEO).
  • One additional fact: 100K app installations, 2700 daily operations, 71K trading pairs.

Healthtech & wellness is intended to form sustainable skills in the user: managing one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. 

  • Stand A137, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Gnat Panok (CFO), Olga Panok (co-founder).

Mysoul – a platform for selecting a psychologist based on the client’s personality and with the integration of AI.

  • Stand A115, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Denys Mozgin (founder).

Nasnaga – A closed digital marketplace of Health Coaches and healthcare providers based on health-improving methodology.

  • Stand A119, Exhibition date: Thu, Nov 16
  • Team: Ivan Liashenko (co-CEO), Volodymyr Nerubenko (co-CEO).

Lifestyle & fashion

Ice Candle – easily ignite, control and extinguish flames via your phone or smart home.

  • Stand A341, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Danylo Semerak (co-founder), Paul (co-founder).

Sustainability & cleantech

Inclusive IT – web accessibility services by extreme professionals. Testers with disabilities provide native accessibility testing – manual and automated. 

  • Stand A518, Exhibition date: Tue, Nov 14
  • Team: Roman Borenko (CEO).

Charities & NGOs

IT education development – a platform to support students’ startups and inspire students to develop their ideas.


PinMy transforms visual communication with a mobile-first approach. Annotate images with voice/text pins, collaborate in real-time & engage.

  • Stand A737, Exhibition date: Wed, Nov 15
  • Team: Bogdan Yosava (co-founder), Anastasiia Proshak (recruiter).

Meet the Ukrainian startups that will take part in Startup Showcase

Organizers & Partners of Ukrainian Pavilion at WebSummit 2023

Earlier, 16 startups and 8 scaleups were selected to represent Ukraine at the conference. They receive a free stand and a pitch at the Ukrainian pavilion.

Healthtech & welleness

Aspichi – a VR psychologist assistant based on protocols and traction in PTSD treatment.

  • Team: Viktor Samoilenko (CEO)
  • One additional fact: 10 clinics in Ukraine, 300 patients/day.

Ochi – an eye-care subscription service that helps contact lens users avoid eye pain by ensuring a timely replacement of their contacts and medical support.

  • Team: Mykola Franko (CTO), Seva Franko (CEO).
  • One additional fact: $1240 revenue, retention 92%, MAU 50, CAC $24.

Rozmova – the simplest way to find the best psychotherapist and a turn-key career solution for specialists.

  • Team: Dmytro Marakhovskyi (CEO).
  • One additional fact: $150K GMV in September 2023, 10% growth MoM, $30 LTV, 5.7 sessions per match.

Proptech & real estate

Birb – AI long-term rental app with all properties on the 3D map.

  • Team: Arsenii Feshchenko (Designer), Denys Tsyganok (co-founder), Volodymyr Kubytskyi (Head of AI).

AI & machine learning – an AI-powered no-code platform that automates data onboarding and transformation from various data sources and brings them where you need them. Datuum enables data engineers and analysts to reduce manual work and burnout while helping businesses save up to 80% of the time and effort typically required for data projects.

  • Team: Iryna Shymko (VP of Business Development), Dmytro Zhuk (CTO), Konstantin Yevishkin (CEO).

Fintech & financial services

Djooky – a global, inclusive, and equitable decentralized online market-based ecosystem that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to support music creators and music fans in making a living out of their passion.

  • Team: Andriy Dakhovskyy (CEO)
  • One additional fact: 200K registered users from 140 countries, 55K MAU – is cash flow management tool that allows business owners to see the state of their company without special knowledge of finance and studying of complex systems.

  • Team: Oleksandr Solovei (CEO).
  • One additional fact: 3000 daily users, $2.5M raised.


Getpin – a B2B SaaS tool that helps companies strengthen their online presence on third-party platforms using AI-based solutions.

  • Team: Volodymyr Leshchenko (founder).

Kycaid limited – online identity verification platform.

  • Team: Mykola Mashkovskyi (CEO), Ievgen Borysenko (CLO).
  • One additional fact: 500K verifications per month.

RemOnline EMEA – “all-in-one” business management software solution tailored for SMEs in the service industries. It includes both web applications and mobile apps for seamless accessibility.

  • Team: Mykhaylo Khokhulya (CEO), Roman Kudlai (Head of Sales).
  • One additional fact: 3000 paid accounts, Average revenue per account 50 (Domestic), 100 (International).

Reteno – an AI-generated messaging Platform for App User Retention.

  • Team: Oleg Lesov (CPO)
  • One additional fact: $19K MRR, 21 loyal customers, 1,5 year in the market (May 2022 launch).

YouScan Social Listening – AI-first social media intelligence platform with visual insights.

  • Team: Leonid Lytvynenko (CEO)
  • One additional fact: 60 team members.

Revisior – a comprehensive feedback and NPS system that allows you to collect feedback from different communication channels.

  • Team: Serhii Shapirenko (CEO), Ihor Voloshko (CBDO), Nikita Polishchuk (Head of Sales).

Ringostat – AI-enhanced Business Phone System.

  • Team: Oleksandr Kyselov (CMO), Kostiantyn Cherviakov (CCO).
  • One additional fact: (Q3 2023) $544K gross revenue, 1305 active projects.

Sustainability & cleantech

Releaf Paper – the world’s first producer of paper made of green waste.

  • Team: Alexander Sobolenko (CEO), Valentyn Frechka (CTO), Hanna Kuznetsova (Head of communications).
  • One additional fact: biodegradation period of 55 days.

S.Lab – a green packaging solution that consists of only two plant-based components: agricultural waste and mycelium.

  • Team: Julia Bialetska (CEO), Yevheniia Maruchok (Project manager).
  • One additional fact: 10 recurring customers, pilot projects with L’Oreal, Samsung.

Hardware, robotics & IoT

G-MAK – a company that develops smart home security devices with active defence systems.

  • Team: Volodymyr Rovinskyi (CTO), Maksym Triupko (Chief Software Architect).


GIOS (Global Innovative Online School) – an Impact EdTech startup, an interactive AI-driven Math platform and tutoring marketplace for К12 students and teachers.

  • Team: Nataliia Lymonova (CEO), Tanya Savicheva (Marketing specialist).
  • One additional fact: $233K revenue 2022, 14K paid users, 135 schools

Advertising, content & marketing

INVISIONARYBOX – an AR-based SaaS solution offering gamified experiences to boost offline customer engagement and build brand awareness.

  • Team: Anastasiia-Diana Kondatiuk (CBDO), Oleh Hlovatskyi (CEO).
  • One additional fact: 6 B2B pilots, 800 one-time users.

Telecommunications & IT

Alty – an award-winning IT product outsourcing company. They convert 90% risk failure into a 58% success rate for startups and businesses.

  • Team: Leonid Goriev (Co-founder)
  • One additional fact: 250 completed projects, 60 talents in the team.

E-commerce & retail

Horoshop – no-code SaaS online store builder with deep localization.

  • Team: Ihor Stolnitskiy (CEO).
  • One additional fact: 7K active customers, 65 team members.

Gaming, VR & AR

SUITSME – a community-driven fashion game made to empower creativity and self-expression.

  • Team: Galyna Iefremova (CEO), Kate Sapozhnikova (Marketing Design Team Lead), Maryna Mazur (Content Manager), Ityna Olkhovyk (Head of QA).
  • One additional fact: 60K daily active users.

Industrials, manufacturing & consumer goods

Acoustic Booths Silentbox – acoustic office booths for comfortable calls and negotiations.

  • Team: Artem Moskalenko (Head of Sales), Slava Serbin (CEO).
  • One additional fact: 2020-2022 €1.5M income, 300 cabins sold.

The participation of the Ukrainian delegation is possible through the joint efforts of the co-organizers — The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Ukrainian Startup Fund and Ukrainian Hub, with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (USAID CEP) and Embassy of Ukraine to Portugal and partners — Western NIS Enterprise FundUNIT.City Roosh, GENESISFlyer One Ventures, NOVA group of companiesUkrainian American Coordinating Council.

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