Ukrainian Startup Pluspoint Secures $400K to Fuel Growth

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Pluspoint, a global startup specializing in online reputation management and customer experience, founded by Ukrainians, has secured $400K in funding. Pragmatech Ventures, a venture capital firm and startup studio, led the investment.

The team plans to allocate 70% of the funding towards expanding its sales geography, with the remaining 30% earmarked for product development.

The core product of Pluspoint is a platform that enables local businesses (ranging from restaurants to medical clinics) to manage customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and various other online platforms. Additionally, it assists businesses in intercepting and responding to negative reviews while retaining their customers.

The market size for online reputation management platforms exceeds $1 billion and continues to grow annually. Online reviews are among the most critical factors influencing Local SEO development. At Pluspoint, our mission is to create a platform that empowers businesses to receive three times more reviews from satisfied customers, thereby enhancing customer experience and brand loyalty.

Our plans include expanding the Pluspoint platform into new markets and enhancing competitiveness through expanded integration and the addition of AI features.

remarks Sergey Shanin, CEO, and co-founder of Pluspoint.
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The service operates on a SaaS model and is available to companies worldwide. Users can opt for a monthly subscription starting at $69 or an annual subscription beginning at $58 monthly.

With the Pluspoint platform, professionals in customer support, and business owners across various industries such as automotive, real estate, retail, healthcare, restaurants, hotels, and franchises can monitor customer satisfaction and enhance the overall customer experience.

We are excited to be part of the ambitious journey of Pluspoint during its growth stage. As AI reshapes SEO, offline businesses will need to systematically manage reviews and customer experience.

Pluspoint is one of the pioneers in this emerging multi-billion-dollar market. Currently, there is no clear leader, and we firmly believe that a team from Ukraine can lead the way.

adds Igor Sokolov, Venture Partner at Pragmatech Studio.

Working with the online reputation management platform is straightforward and user-friendly. After receiving a service or purchasing a product, customers are prompted to review their interaction experience with a company or platform.

Positive feedback is automatically published on popular review platforms. In contrast, negative reviews or complaints are reported to business representatives or the support team, complete with necessary details to ensure swift response and issue resolution.

The platform simplifies and automates the feedback management process, saving time and effort for the responsible personnel. Pluspoint’s functionality has the potential to reduce the time required for manual feedback management by up to 90% and streamlines performance tracking and monitoring, facilitating the identification of trends and patterns.

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Currently, Pluspoint is localized for Portuguese and Spanish-speaking markets and offers integrations with over 8,000 key services, including online review platforms, CRM, ERP, BI, analytics, and email marketing services. The company currently boasts a clientele in Europe and South America, collaborating with companies such as Lycamobile, Papel Craft, and German Doner Kebab.

The team plans expand available integrations with popular messaging platforms, introduce the product to new markets, and incorporate AI features based on LLM (Language Model). Pluspoint’s headquarters are in the United States, and the team comprises members from Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, and Brazil.