TOP 10 Startup Animated Explainer Videos 2019

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1. Kangaroo – App based security system

Kangaroo is a security startup that believes in security for everyone. The explainer video is created by Cream Studio in stop motion animation with live actors.

2. Generic Travel Bags – Innovative marketing loyalty program for a travellers startup video

Duty-Free Innovation company from Switzerland noticed the trend showing that with growing passenger numbers it comes more opportunity for sales, but sales are growing at a slower rate than passengers. They needed a video to convince the investors in the need of the startup – generic travel bags and related to the marketing program duty-free shops at the airports.

The video is created by a dedicated team of Darvideo Animation Studio – scriptwriter, storyboard artists, illustrators, animators, sound designer and a project manager.

3. – tech podcasting platform

The startup considers their idea as a very cool podcasting platform for people interested in tech. Piotr Wojtczak who created the video chosen stylish motion graphics approach to make it remarkable and attractive.

4. Chronwell – social protection for workers

Chronwell explainer video is directed and animated by a group or animators led by Dan Stiglmayer for a startup named  ChronWell, which aims to minimize the impact of workplace accidents on workers, employers, and insurers using technology with empathy driven services. Developed by Battle Agency for ChronWell startup.

5. Zycus – Global source-to-pay software

Zycus Inc startup is developing a Pay Procurement Software Suite. They want businesses to experience the ‘Power of Procurement’ through our suite of source-to-pay procurement solutions. The video is created by individual Indian animator Sagar Rajput, who made it in simple 2d flat animation style.

6. FairFly – fair costs for fly tickets

Minimalistic, slick and at the same time clear explainer video for FairFly startup, created by Yans Media. The startup helps to hugely save fly expenses for companies.

7. XE Shopify – Currency Converter

Shopify Currency Converter explainer video is created by Wyzowl Studio. The videos of this best way to show the user interface of the software, which is a core of the startup.

8. Overclock Labs – Cloud infrastructure for companies

Overclock Labs is an innovative tech group developing tools to automate the way companies manage their cloud infrastructure. Made in popular Whiteboard (or so-called Doodle) format the video author is Yam Yam Studio.

9. Fanz Collectibles – US sports memorabilia store

Breadnbeyond studio created this explainer video for Sports shop startup. To enhance the video and to make it really cute they used a combination of 2d and 3d animation, as well as great character animation. Check the result below:

10. Loomi – AI assistant for organising and prioritising tasks

Again guys from helped to make the video using a combination of real shot video footage and motion graphics to increase liveliness and dynamic. At the same time, the two different voice overs make the atmosphere more trustful and variable.