The Political Merch Trends Report by Printify

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Printify analyzed millions of sales to see which political merchandise is selling best and where.

Latvian-born startup Printify is a digital print-on-demand platform designed to help online entrepreneurs make money independently, simply and easily with as little investment and risk as possible by connecting them with print providers from across the globe.

Printify has over 2 million people who’ve signed up and are selling their designs on Printify. Next month alone, the platform expects to ship well over 2 million packages.

Approx 90% of sales fulfilled by Printify occur in the US. 

Every month, millions of custom products are printed and shipped with Printify. The team looked at every sale fulfilled with Printify across Etsy, Shopify, and the whole internet to answer the burning question – when it comes to representing your political party, which side is winning?

Their data team scrapped the titles of every sale and matched it against a list of political keywords to bring you some pretty interesting results.

Here’s a breakdown of the bestsellers:

Democrat Sales

The Political Merch Report

AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is the undisputed queen of left-wing merch, accounting for almost 30% of all sales. Interestingly Obama related merchandise doesn’t sell anywhere near as well as items featuring Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or even Al Gore.

Democrat Sales data according to Printify

Republican Sales

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump and his Maga movement dominate the merch being snapped up by Republican supporters.

Republican Sales data according to Printify

Merchandising items people are buying according to Printify

The Political Merch Report

T-shirts are the most popular way to represent your political allegiance. Both sides also like a sweatshirt or a mug, with Republicans favouring ornaments and hats over bags and stickers, which are more popular across the aisle.

Merchandising iterms people are buing according to Printify

According to the study of the last 3 months of data to gauge the state of political merchandise being sold across the United States:

  • “MAGA” is the single best-selling phrase
  • “Obama” merchandise doesn’t as well as “Al Gore Merch”
  • Republican merchandise sells best in California, Florida, Texas, and New York
  • A whole load more in the attached report