The First AI Puppet with a Unique Personality is Born: Pinocchio Lives Again in This is Wonderland-Back to the Wood

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Pi School and is proud to announce their partnership with Lux Holding, a leading company in event and exhibition organisation, to create Pinocchio, the first AI puppet with a unique personality.

Pi School was founded in 2017 to address the shortage of professionals with a background in AI. Its founding company, Translated, is a world leader in developing technological tools to support translation.

The flagship program of Pi School is the School of AI, an eight-week program with a dual function:

  • to train the best computer scientists and engineers from around the world in AI;
  • to help companies optimise processes thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

In its six years of activity, Pi School boasts 200 professionals trained in AI, 100 MVP prototypes completed, and collaborations with companies such as Amazon, Facebook, PWC, ESA, Enel, and the Vatican State. is a consultancy firm with deep experience in the Silicon Valley market, offering digital solutions by integrating Italian excellence with the latest trends in the international tech landscape.


Pinocchio, the first AI puppet with a unique personality, will be previewed to the press on 30 May with a special opening of the exhibition This is Wonderland – Pinocchio, Back to Wood at the Giardino delle Cascate at the Laghetto dell’Eur at 7:00 PM, reserved for the press.

Following last year’s success with over half a million visitors, “This is Wonderland” returns with a new exhibition path from 31 May 2024: This is Wonderland—Pinocchio, Back to Wood.

First AI Puppet

The narrative revolves around the adventures of Pinocchio, the puppet born from Geppetto’s wish, symbolising innocent lies. In this new version, the story takes an unexpected turn: a clock that runs backwards allows a journey in reverse, revealing that one can always learn from mistakes.

Innovation and Tradition: The AI Puppet

One of this year’s most exciting novelties is the introduction of the AI puppet, created through the collaboration between Lux Holding, Pi School, and This puppet, endowed with its personality, represents a combination of advanced technology and literary tradition.

Development of Pinocchio’s Character

For the event This is Wonderland, Lux Holding asked Pi School and to create a Pinocchio embodying a specific personality outlined by Lux Holding’s creative team through a screenplay.

We trained and refined the basic ChatGPT language model using advanced prompt engineering techniques to capture Pinocchio’s playful and curious nature.

To make the conversations more engaging, we integrated the Whisper model for automatic speech recognition (ASR), ensuring it could understand and respond accurately in Italian even in noisy environments.

Our engineering team worked intensely to ensure rapid responses, supporting real-time conversations with people.

said Sébastien Bratières, AI Director at Pi School.

The uniqueness of the Pinocchio AI

This Pinocchio was not only designed to answer questions but is also capable of holding coherent conversations with users. It can remember the user’s name and store conversations quickly. Another aspect that makes Pinocchio truly unique is its voice.

Using deep learning techniques of voice cloning, starting from a voice recorded in the studio, we created a natural and vivid sound that perfectly embodies the character of Pinocchio. This combination of cutting-edge technologies allowed us to bring to life a highly realistic Pinocchio.

added Marco Iacobelli, Success Manager at

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

The initiative reflects Lux Eventi’s commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability. Certified according to the UNI ISO 20121 standard for sustainable event management, Lux Eventi ensures an approach that respects the environment, society, and the economy at every stage of the event.

The exhibition is open to the public from 31st May, so you can take the ticket here.