The call for LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program – €145K

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The LUISS EnLabs accelerator is considered one of the best in Italy: according to the results of the Demo-day, 80% of graduates receive investments with an average check of €300,000. LUISS EnLabs “The Startup Factory”, founded by a joint venture between LVenture Group, a Venture Capital operator listed on the Stock Exchange, and LUISS Guido Carli University, in just a few years it has supported the growth of over 60 startups. There are two locations:

  • the main offices in the heart of Rome – a coworking space of about 5,000 sq.m.
  • a new space of in Milan of 500 sq.m. at the Milano LUISS Hub.
Open Space LVenture Group Rome HQ
Open Space LVenture Group Rome HQ

Twice a year LUISS EnLabs selects digital startups for its acceleration program and also organizes Open Innovation programs to bring large companies closer to the world of innovation.

The strong link between LUISS EnLabs and LVenture Group, which provides startups with financial resources: overall, the startups have collected 44 million Euros, of which 11 from LVenture Group and the remaining from other international Venture Capital funds and angel investors.

LVenture Group and international VC firm HATCHER+ signed a co-investment partnership to increase investments in the next LUISS EnLabs acceleration program to €145K per startup. They invest in all kind of digital startups with a validated prototype led by visionary entrepreneurs but there are some sectors that they are more interested in this year:

  • AI: Artificial Intelligence to develop solutions that have a large impact on society;
  • Healthcare: diagnostic and pharmaceutical that make healthcare cheaper;
  • Personal Care: improving people’s lives in terms of education and well-being;
  • Cybersecurity: solving the world’s biggest cybersecurity challenges;
  • Corporate Welfare: corporate welfare solutions and new technologies for new job opportunities;
  • AR/VR: exploiting Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for new business;
  • Fintech: new investment models to save and earn money;
  • Brick and Mortar: commercial spaces 2.0 – new ways virtual can turn into physical;
  • Enterprise Software: new software to digitize and improve the business process;
  • Smart Manufacturing: industry 4.0 – smart solution for manufacturing and logistics.

The call for the next program is open until the 8th of October and startup can read more information to apply via this link.

5-months program is difficult and the startup has to be committed. There is a great attention to Scrum project management in accordance with Agile methodology. Startups participate in seminars and workshops. The program consists of three macro areas:

1. Work on the product. Modernization and improvement of the prototype along with mentors and the acceleration team. Duration – 2 months.
2. The growth of the company. Together with the experts, the teams define metrics that are important for scaling. Duration – 2 months.
3. Study of sales channels and generation of income. Duration – 1 month.

The team of advisors includes 50 experts – recognised experts in business development, design, marketing and technology, corporate partners – leaders in their fields (Accenture, BNL Paribas, Sara Assicurazioni, WIND TRE). They may help to start with the commercialization of solutions.

Here you can check which startups are in LVenture Group portfolio.

 In addition, startup receives €145K, of which 85K in cash and 60K in services, in exchange for 9% equity + convertible note.

It’s your chance to change the market rules. Enroll, your startup today!