TechChill Milano Startup Pitch Battle semi-finalists

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The first Southern European startup entrepreneurship event TechChill Milano will take place on September 27th-29th in Milan to further put Italy on the global startup map and bring together international industry experts and brightest talents from the Italian tech ecosystem and beyond

This year TechChill Milano received 326 applications from 26 countries marking this as a truly global competition! And it was quite a challenge to choose the ones ripe for the battle. Thanks to the help of eagle-eyed evaluators for selecting the fifty most determined battlers.

Fifty teams will be competing for:

€10K no-strings-attached and more…

πŸ’°Draper University Hero Program tuition
πŸ’°Uizard Pro subscription for winner
πŸ’° Business Membership of PoliHub
πŸ’° Membership at InnovUp
πŸ’° 1000 USD in Google & Linkedin Ad Credits & 90% discount on all Hubspot software
πŸ’° Miro credits and more
πŸ’° Angel syndicate investment
πŸ’° Exposure on stage in front of 100+ international investors, media and 1K+ attendees
πŸ’° Media and social media exposure

Meet the 50 semi-finalists (in alphabetical order):

Agrovisio (Estonia) is monitoring farmlands with its own AI, Agrovisio helps agricultural commodity buyers to manage their risk against price fluctuations.

Audioboost (Italy) transforms any web article into a top-quality podcast.

BES TEST (Italy) – a new method for diagnosing fracture risk starts by assessing the bone quality and its internal structure.

Billalo (Italy) is a platform for analyzing, buy and sell Out Of Home advertising units.

BonusX (Italy) – Online financial calculator platform for easy access to the social and tax benefits you are entitled to.

Butterfly Decisions (Italy) developed a meeting management system applying decision science and artificial intelligence (AI) to obtain measurable, faster and more participatory decisions.

Climate Standard (Italy) – the independent climate neutral certification for companies, products and services in the EU.

Coverzen (Italy) – A single platform for insurance intermediaries to manage all the activities necessary for their insurance portfolio.

Craken (Italy) – the all-in-one payments ecosystem owned by users, with rewards for participating.
Built for platforms and marketplaces, it’s one universal API and no-code infrastructure for a global scale since day 1.

Culturate (Slovenia) is a platform which helps build strong and connected hybrid teams.

Dafne (Italy) – Vegan products for sexual well-being suitable for everyone for a new concept of intimacy.

Deliverart (Italy) – The management software for catering home deliveries.

Deply (Italy) – a software that ensures safe and simple Supply Chain Management operations through blockchain.

eID Easy (Estonia) – electronic signatures, matters related to eID and also about Verifiable Credentials/Attestation of Attributes.

Enzers (Italy) creates sustainable home cleaning products.

FantaTrading (Italy) – a financial Edutech app, “the first fantasy football in the investment world”. promotes.

Formaloo (Estonia) – a no-code collaboration platform that helps businesses create custom data-driven business applications and internal tools, automate their processes and engage their audience.

G-Move (Italy) – “people flow monitoring”, it analyzes the movement and return of people by providing metrics to optimise every aspect of a client’s offline business.

Gigimot (Estonia) – a practice management software for psychologists and small clinics.

GRLS (Italy) – a community dedicated to inspiring, educating and connecting the leaders of tomorrow.

Holifya (Italy) – a scientific wellness platform that offers personalized nutrition and prevention solutions based on an individual’s genetic and lifestyle data.​

Hotelbuddy (Estonia) digitalizes the hotel operations and guest experience.

Hyperjob (Latvia) – a tool that helps you prepare amazing job ads and stand out when sourcing candidates.

iDeal Rent(Italy) is a B2B2C platform to enable everyone to sell Long-Term Rental. The Platform is designed, for example, for car dealers and dealers, insurance agents, car practice agencies, service providers and banks.

IIO (Italy) – a Voice-as-a-Service ecosystem B2B2C, built around the person, his needs nad his emotions.

INPUT SOFT (Ukraine) – an aviation software solution that solves the problem of inefficient planning of human and technical resources in the aviation industry.

Katakem (Italy) – an autonomous chemistry to help chemists make the future happen faster.

Keet (Italy) – a fleet monitoring software which samples GPS position, driver behaviour and fuel/energy consumption; thus, the client understands everything happening onboard each vehicle, and the platform suggests companies on how to improve driver behaviour to reduce overall expenditure.

LexHero (Italy) – a software that fully manages the flow of the legal document, from its creation to its archiving.​

Livetrend (France) – a fashion solution providing data-driven trend analysis & competitive intelligence.

Mavuno (Germany) – an AgTech startup with the mission to empower African smallholder farmers with satellite imagery technology

medicud srl (Italy) develops a mechanically powered negative pressure wound therapy system with the same performance as already marketed electrical devices.

My3D.Cloud (Latvia) – a workspace for effective collaboration on 3D projects for companies performing 3D scanning and modelling of industrial and commercial facilities.

NIB biotec (Italy) – a new screening test for prostate cancer.

OaCP IE LTD (Ireland) deals with producing chemical and biotechnological products for fast diagnostics.

Pack (Italy) – a data-driven platform designed to run talent management programmes based on mentoring and continuous feedback.

Pappegnam (Italy) – the service of fresh baby food to your home.

Peleyta Health (Uganda) – a fintech helping low-income earners prepare for & afford quality healthcare anywhere at all times through our digital healthcare micro-savings and lending platform.

RestWorld (Italy) – a support to SMEs in the Ho.Re.Ca sector in the search and selection of staff. All through a sophisticated matching algorithm based on analysing the candidates’ biodata.

SALUBATA TECHNOLOGIQUE INNOVATION (France) – a patented technology of modular shoes completely repurposed from PET plastic wastes.

SimpleCharge (Latvia) – charging electric vehicles from lamp post infrastructure.

SiWeGO – Smart Eco Transport (Italy) – “blablacar of goods.”

TA – DAAN (Italy) – a digital media company, producing innovative digital contents on contemporary craftsmanship.

Tipit (Lithuania) – a card reader that lets you transparently tip service staff with a bank card, phone or smartwatch.

Togggle (UK) uses blockchain technology to decentralise the storage of personal data and design tailored identity verification workflows for the business.

UltraAI (Italy) – a lung ultrasound solution based on AI systems to support medical diagnosis.

Unipiazza (Italy) is a loyalty platform that helps local businesses (such as bars, shops, beauty/restaurants / etc.) to make their customers return more often through automated Gamification & Marketing dynamics.

Vado | Vending Automatic Delivery Operations (Italy) allows vending machines to sell their products in delivery apps and e-commerce.

VoiceMe (Italy) – Dynamic Enhanced Secure Customer Authentication platform, Peer-To-Peer, that allows transforming your voice into your identity, your payment system, and your digital sign.

VoiceMed Sarl (Luxembourg) monitors health using voice.

Join TechChill Linkedin event & set your reminder ⏰ because for 5 days (5-9 September 3-4.30 pm CET) TOP 50 selected startups will be pitching live in front of the jury panel of international investors!

At the end of each day, you will know two startups who will make it to the finals and pitch on the main stage at TechChill Milano.

Meet the evaluators:

Fabienne Hakim (Startup Wise Guys)
Wanjiru Chabeda (Join Capital)
Ferdinand Reynolds (SuperSeed Ventures)
Alessandra Mazzilli (Cavalry Ventures)
Gunce Onur (Startup Wise Guys)
Ernests Stals (Superhero Capital)
Edoardo Gava (Milano Investment Partners)
Alessandro Casiraghi (OneRagtime)
Giancarlo Vergine (Over Ventures)
Leonardo Massa (Venture Capitalist)
Imane Marouf, Radu Bozga (Notion Capital)
Barbara Avalle (Doorway)
Riccardo Fisogni (AG Innovation)
Peter Wozny (Btomorrow Ventures)
Angelo Burgarello (AI Startup Incubator)
Francesco Pagliari (FoolFarm Spa)
Andy Abramson (AEHRA),
Federico Fini (Karma Ventures),
Sandra Golbreich (Baltic Sandbox)
Daniela Esposit (Startup Wise Guys)
Lauma SΔ«le (TechChill)
Thao Tranova (AI Startup Incubator)
Giacomo Mollo (iN3 Ventures)
Dr. Micol Chiesa Churchill (Planet Fund)
Marla Rinne (Atlantic Labs)
Andris Berzins (Change Ventures)

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