TechChill Milano 2023 – Fifty Founders Battle Top 50 semi-finalists

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TechChill, the Baltic-born startup conference, is returning to Milan for the second time on September 26-27, 2023. All 50 of the Fifty Founders Battle pitch competition finalists will have the chance to pitch on stage to the 1300+ attendees and 100+ investors and fight for the €110K+ prize pool.

The main event, held on September 26-27, will be preceded by a side-events day on the 25th, free for anyone to attend. Early bird tickets are on sale until July 25th. TechChill will return to Milan in Bocconi University in partnership with its entrepreneurship hub, B4i – Bocconi for Innovation.

The Fifty Founders Battle pitch competition prize pool is made up of €10K, no strings attached, as well as the chance to win a €100K investment from EDEN Ventures, up to €250K investment from Look AI VEntures. Other prizes include €30K worth of media coverage from IMMEDIATE Accelerator, 100% covered tuition for the Draper University Hero Training entrepreneurship program, and more prizes to be announced. Last year’s winner was TA-DAAN, who join other winners and Baltic success stories such as Longenesis,, and Edurio.

The Fifty Founders Battle saw over 300 applications from more than 30+ countries

Fifty Founders Battle Top 50 semi-finalists

Top 50 semi-finalists in alphabetic order:

AIDA Srl (🇮🇹) unlocks the full potential of AI for gathering insights and generating new knowledge based on your confidential company data.

Algor Education (🇮🇹) – a web app for creating mind maps online with the help of AI. On Algor you can create concept maps and summaries automatically from texts and photos in different languages.

Aroundrs s.r.l. (🇮🇹) – the service of reusable packaging in Italy. It is digital, without deposit, and suitable for restaurants, catering and canteen. It is made for those who want their takeaway delivered in high-quality and sustainable containers.

Bi-rex (🇮🇹) – a patented green process that permits to produce paper starting from agro-food waste.

BiomimX (🇮🇹) – a developer of beating organs-on-chip platforms designed as drug screening tools.

CarBuddy (🇮🇹)

Composite Vision (🇩🇪) – AI-powered software for quality control & maintenance data processing.

Diamante srl (🇮🇹) focuses on a novel therapeutic approach for autoimmune diseases based on the restoration of self-tolerance, using plant viruses displaying immunodominant peptides.

Drype cocktails (🇮🇹) is a water-soluble alcoholic cocktail designed to reduce weight and volume of the alcohol industry to make it more sustainable.

eID Easy (🇪🇪) – B2B Marketplace connecting international business applications with QUALIFIED and ADVANCED digital signatures APIs.

Elemento Cloud (🇮🇹) – connect together public and private Clouds to enable unseen portability and true Cloud freedom.

Emplastrum (🇱🇹) – a device for treating & managing chronic skin conditions.

Fungo (🇱🇻) – an augmented reality mobile solution that empowers pediatric cancer patients, clinicians and researchers to support rehabilitation and research.

Footprints AI (🇷🇴) – AI-based omnichannel retail media platform.

Foreverland (🇮🇹) – 100% cocoa-free chocolate better for people and the planet.

Global Eduaction (🇺🇸) – a data-driven platform offering online language lessons tailored to your needs.

Go Healthy & co (🇨🇭) – a community of scientists, psychologists, software developers, experts in finance & marketing, and digital specialists passionate about the link between AI and Mental Health.

Govar (🇵🇱) – a free online English speaking club with a choice of topics and levels.

Hivebound (🇬🇧) – inbound and outbound logistics management.

Hoopsy (🇬🇧) – the eco pregnancy test a 99% plastic-free test made from 99% paper. with over 99% accuracy (same as leading brands).

Infinet Wallet (🇬🇭) – the all-in-one app for instant global money transfers, effortless NFC card payments, and exclusive event access.

JAMPY (🇮🇹) – plant-based and plastic-free wellness destination for modern dogs.

LetsData (🇺🇸) develops tools that forecast trends and detect anomalies essential for building and evaluating strategic communication campaigns in real time.

LimitlessDevice (🇮🇹) – a wheelchair designed not only for people with disabilities but capable of combining all desired features such as portability, verticality, elegant design, electric operation and internal use in one device.

Magic (🇸🇪) – AI-software converting returns into revenue while helping the planet.

Motionshift (🇩🇰) – AI-powered template editor with footage, 2D & 3D asset libraries to produce converting videos & ads at scale.

MUST HAD (🇮🇹) – a one-stop-shop platform where companies can easily map and digitise the excess material they have, find and implement circular processes to handle it and get precious data and insights on the impacts generated.

Paperbox Health (🇮🇹) – gaming solution for early identification & treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Poseidon HyPerES (🇮🇹) delivers an innovative fuel cell that can provide an outstanding power and voltage output using only earth-abundant and environmentally friendly materials.

Presto (🇬🇧) – a digital welfare early wage access solution that brings financial freedom to employees by obtaining access to money they already earned.

Profiter (🇮🇹) – AI for pharmaceutical supply chain optimization.

RealBowl (🇮🇹) – a healthy PetFood subscription.

ResilientX (🇬🇧) – all-in-one SaaS platform consolidates essential security testing capabilities to help companies proactively manage risk with ease.

Restworld (🇮🇹) supports SMEs in the Ho.Re.Ca sector in the search and selection of staff quickly, economically and professionally.

Revol Health (🇩🇰) – a mobile app that provides personalized assistance for menstruating individuals, addressing their often-overlooked challenges. (🇪🇪) – all-in-one CRM software for real estate agents.

Sentric (🇮🇹) gives photos and descriptions to physical stores of all their products to quickly create a successful e-commerce.

Shopthelook (🇮🇹) partners with emerging brands, established retailers, and everyone in between to build a new online shopping method: fast, beautiful, engaging and secure.

Qrunch (🇱🇻) – a QR-based solution to upsell hotel products and services in rooms.

Soource (🇮🇹) – AI-driven sourcing & negotiation with thousands of suppliers worldwide.

SphereCube (🇮🇹) printing technology can process continuously-reinforced high-performance composites for next-gen mold-less environmentally friendly production.

Togggle (🇬🇧) offers seamless identity verification solutions and distributed infrastructure, enabling organizations to combat fraud, ensure compliance with data protection regulations, and enhance onboarding experiences.

Tuidi (🇮🇹) – virtual assistant that optimizes the food distribution supply of retailers and wholesalers thanks to AI.

VoiceMed (🇮🇹) tracks the evolution of respiratory diseases by vocal biomarkers and artificial intelligence.

WasteTrade (🇫🇮) provides a supportive virtual environment for the producers and reprocessors of waste commodities to easily buy and sell waste materials.

WeavAir Inc (🇵🇱) – a solution that harnesses satellite data, advanced IoT sensors, and predictive software to optimize ESG investment and operation of assets like buildings and fleets while improving safety and reducing emissions and carbon footprint.

Wine Suite (🇮🇹) – the CRM and Marketing software designed for Italian wineries.

Wyblo (🇮🇹) – the people-centred Learning Experience Platform that automates administrative paperwork and enables you to improve training paths through real-time analytics. (🇺🇸🇮🇹) – AI co-pilot for Product Teams. Across all tools.

zenoo (🇱🇹) – a dog food loaded with the highest quality human-grade, 100% natural raw ingredients. Freeze-dried with NASA technology to lock 99% nutritional value and make it convenient to use.

The startups were evaluated by more than 40 jury members, including: