TechChill Fifty Founders Battle semi-finalists announced – fighting for more than €350K

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The 50 startups will be competing in a pitch battle at the TechChill conference on April 27-28 in Riga, Latvia, vying for a total of €350K in prize money.

The Fifty Founders Battle saw over 250 applications from more than 30 countries, making it one of the most internationally sourced pitch competitions in TechChill history.

Startups will also be battling for the most money that’s ever been available on the TechChill stage – with two potential investments of up to €150K from BaDideas Fund and DEPO Ventures, as well as €50K from BuildIt. Meanwhile, the €10K cash prize is community-raised, with experienced community members pitching in to support the next generation of founders. 

The semi-finalists, in alphabetical order:

Abillio (🇱🇻) – Invoicing, accounting and payments platform for cross-border freelance work. It is a virtual company that handles your legal setup, VAT invoicing, accounting and TAX payments.

Adventum Tech (🇱🇻) develops revolutionary hardware and software for unique construction, manufacturing, mobility and energy applications.

Ama Care (🇺🇸) allows you to learn all the most important things about the ingredients of a cosmetic or beauty product, user reviews and the most pleasant price based on data from online or offline stores worldwide.

BES TEST (🇮🇹) is a test that is based on the simulation of the application of forces on what can be considered a virtual biopsy of the patient’s bone architecture obtained from radiographic images

Bilance (🇪🇪) makes it easy to take control of your money, optimize your spending and grow your financial worth.

BirgerMind (🇱🇻) provides a non-invasive Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) enabling fully paralyzed patients to communicate independently.

Bitskout (🇪🇪) allows users to create A.I. plugins that can read emails, extract data from documents, understand images, etc., in minutes and add them to their tools like Asana, Jira, Zapier, or Power Automate.

Boop (🇱🇹) is a mobile app 📲 connecting pet owners🐶🐱 and pet caregivers 🐕‍🦺, so pet care can be secure and simple.

BrachyDOSE (🇱🇹) is a tool for improved cancer treatment quality control. Specially made for oncologists seeking the best results in high-dose-rate brachytherapy treatment.

Bruntor (🇱🇻) is a hardware start-up developing a micro-mobility solution.

CenterMe (🇺🇸) – a new anxiety relief assistant designed specifically for modern women.

Codigy (🇱🇹) is the next-gen collaboration experience for Software Engineering Teams.

Cubed (🇱🇻) is a real estate development platform empowering people to design and purchase their dream homes.

Data Against Data (🇷🇴) helps you discover and delete which companies have your data.

Fainin (🇩🇪) is a sharing community that unlocks access to ownership benefits, from action cameras for adventures and power tools to install a new kitchen or professional music equipment for travelling artists.

Fryda (🇸🇪) is a free app where you easily save your physical and digital product receipts after shopping – available when and where you need them.

GeoBeholder (🇪🇪) – AI for sustainable minerals exploration.

Green-Growth (🇱🇻) – Real-time yield mapping platform.

Hotelbuddy (🇪🇪) – Secure and contactless way to check in, open the door and check out using a unique personal guest web.

Huntli (🇱🇻) is an all-in-one transaction monitoring tool that helps to fight financial fraud and keeps its users in check with day-to-day compliance.

Industrial Robotics Company (🇱🇹) develops advanced and innovative robotic solutions for industrial manufacturers to automate manual work and increase efficiency.

Lendorse (🇩🇪) provides international students with funding and career support to pursue their life abroad.

Luna Energy (🇱🇹) helps you unlock the full potential of your Solar Roof for self-consumption of solar power.

mathos (🇱🇹) is a platform for those who want to improve their school results, pass exams well and get into the universities of their choice. Studies in groups.

Medon (🇱🇻) is a digital clinic that offers medical consultations online.

Nelinor (🇫🇮) provides smart energy solutions for monitoring energy consumption, controlling, storing, and optimizing renewable and non-renewable energy.

Nomads Embassy (🇮🇹) simplifies the digital nomad visa application process by connecting remote workers with hand-selected immigration lawyers through an innovative and streamlined platform.

Ofofo (🇺🇸) is a cybersecurity marketplace.

OG Sense (🇱🇻) develops a new type of Optical Gas Sensor for ammonia (NH3), CO2 and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) identification and concentration measurements, as well as temperature measurement.

Overly (🇱🇻) – no code to create augmented reality experiences.

Peero (🇱🇻) brings Your current data in one place to help the C-suite, HR /HRBPs and line managers make more accurate, data-driven business decisions.

ReLearn (🇮🇹) helps to monitor your company’s waste production using artificial intelligence and gamification to engage your community.

Remostart (🇳🇬) helps startups get access to any workforce remotely.

Salesforge (🇱🇹) is an all-in-one sales execution super app. It gives every sales team the highest probability of hitting their target by tackling email deliverability and the need to personalize cold email outreach at scale.

Savables (🇷🇴) aims to reduce food waste by connecting food places with customers through a digital platform.

Self (🇩🇰) – the first massage robot.

Sepsiscan (🇱🇻) developed a new hyperspectral imaging diagnostics device tailored specifically for early sepsis detection.

SIA Qrunch (🇱🇻) – QR-code-based systems in restaurants and hotels, accelerating the digitization of the industry.

Sign on Tab (🇱🇹) is a Digital Signing Toolkit (on-premise and remote) that changes paper to tablets and can be easily integrated with any Healthcare Software System.

SimpleCharge (🇱🇻) – Electric Vehicle charging device from street light infrastructure.

Sisko (Finland) is a health and wellbeing company on a mission to offer women and other people with vulvas the service and care they deserve.

SOVN (🇳🇱) is a solution to bruxism. It monitors your jaw movements from the ear and interrupts the grinding or clenching as soon as it starts with soothing vibrations that won’t disrupt your sleep.

SpoCaBoo (🇱🇻) is a sports calendar and booking marketplace that helps amateur athletes plan their competition schedule.

Sqrino (🇱🇻) – Automated compliance platform for ISO 27001, GDPR and other in-demand security and privacy frameworks.

TerraWaste (🇳🇱) has developed the htloop technology, which uses hydrothermal liquefaction to convert household and industrial waste into useful products like synthetic crude oil, biochar, and synthetic gas.

UPLYFT (🇬🇧) develops smart wearables to mitigate musculoskeletal conditions associated with natural ageing.

Uvodo (🇺🇸) is a free eCommerce platform focused on increasing conversions for your online store.

Yeastime (🇮🇹) uses sensors and mechanical stimulation to reduce fermentation time, consumption and energy costs.

Zen Shapes by Tokitus (🇱🇹) uses VR technology to take you on a transcendental journey that heals your body, your soul, and your mind.

zenoo (🇱🇹) produces raw freeze-dried food & natural supplements.

Semi-finalists will participate in the startup bootcamp on April 26th, Day 0 of the event. They will go on to pitch on stage on the 27th of April, with 5 selected finalists pitching for the jury on April 28th.

TechChill Riga fifty founders battle

The startups will battle it out, fighting over the extensive prize pool: 

  • Syndicated investment of up to 150,000 EUR from
  • 150,000 EUR investment from DEPO Ventures
  • 50,000 EUR investment from Buildit
  • 10,000 EUR, no strings attached from the community
  • Draper University Hero Program tuition
  • A zero-rate Open Banking service Noda
  • .Cocoon Program prizes
  • Exposure on stage in front of 200+ international investors, media and 2,000 + attendees
  • Media and social media exposure

The startups were evaluated by more than 20 jury members, including:

Arta Beitāne (Buildit Accelerator)
Sandra Golbreich (Baltic Sandbox Ventures)
Dominykas Stankevicius (Taiwania Capital)
Veera Pietikäinen (Voima Ventures)
Linda Võeras  (Karma Ventures)
Federico Fini (Karma Ventures)
Greta Monstavice (Katalista Ventures)
Vilius Kateiva (Practica Capital)
Andra Bagdonaite (FIRSTPICK)
Jokūbas Vaičiulis (FIRSTPICK)
Zane Kampa  (Change Ventures)
Kateryna Kovalenko (Depo Ventures)
Darya Yanovich (Depo Ventures)
Kaan Eren (500 Emerging Europe)
Elena Salamandîc-Alijošienė (Katalista Ventures),
Topi Laakso (Finnish Business Angels Network)
Jakub Vizvari (AI Startup Incubator)
Arvydas Plėta (Katalista Ventures)
Matiss Neimanis (Buildit Accelerator)
Greta Glebaviciute (Katalista Ventures),
Andrea T. Orlando, and Ernests Stals.