TA-DAAN exhibition during the Design Week

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Contemporary craftsmanship, show-crafting performances, live talks and artisans’ meet & greet will be the core of TA-DAAN exhibition during the Design Week. The main aim of the event is to focus on TA-DAAN community and discover a new generation of craftsmen and craftswomen from all over Europe.

“Geppetto is Over” Exhibition Highlights Contemporary Artisans at Design Week

The exhibition “Geppetto is Over” highlights emerging artisans and offers an immersive experience in Milan’s 5vie district. From April 15th to 21st, at Via Nerino 2, visitors can engage with live crafting performances, talks, and meetings with artisans.

TA-DAAN, advocating for contemporary artisans since 2020, presents selected craft products alongside interactive experiences, fostering dialogue between tradition and innovation.

As an e-commerce platform for contemporary craftsmanship, TA-DAAN promotes and supports the work of young and talented artisans across Europe and makes it easily accessible internationally through its namesake shop, ta-daan.com, launched last year during its first edition of Design Week.

Supported by the new trends in an industry that is gradually becoming younger (both for producers and consumers) and more attentive to sustainable work practices, in line with a slow, attentive, and aware philosophy, TA-DAAN’s concept store celebrates contemporary craftsmanship and the talent of its young creatives. With “Geppetto is Over,” it also becomes their spokesperson offline.

“Geppetto is Over” is a metaphor for a new reality where artisans are at the centre of the narrative.

In line with its mission to be the spokesperson for a new generation of creative, aware, and innovative artisans, during the Fuori Salone week, TA-DAAN puts the faces of craftsmanship of the new millennium and their innovative techniques at the center of its exhibition point: during the 7-days long event, it will be possible to meet some of the artisans selected by TA-DAAN in person, united by three fundamental values: creativity, uniqueness, and awareness.

TA-DAAN pop-up store apertif 2023
TA-DAAN pop-up store apertif 2023

During the event, some will personally present their products, taking visitors behind the scenes of the creative and production process, ranging from ceramics to tufting, and bringing their products to life with curious and passionate eyes, making the audience participants in their creations. Contemporary and sustainable are the guiding principles of creation, with slow and ethical production, making them a valuable investment for every customer and the planet.

TA-DAAN founding team  Sara Pianori, Costanza Tomba, Roberta Ligossi, Valeria Zanirato
TA-DAAN founding team Sara Pianori, Costanza Tomba, Roberta Ligossi, Valeria Zanirato

After the success of the first edition of Milan Design Week last year, we are proud to return to narrate offline, and precisely in the 5Vie district, the creative, innovative, and sustainable aspects that characterize contemporary craftsmanship. To do this, we start from our community, shedding light on the faces of its main protagonists.

At TA-DAAN, we are aware of how today’s craftsmanship is still intrinsically linked to tradition, yet we are convinced that it can be truly revolutionary (or at least this is the challenge we carry forward every day at TA-DAAN).

We are very fond of Geppetto (who isn’t?)”but today there is a new generation of bold, enterprising, and brave young artisans who demonstrate that they have all the credentials to completely revolutionize the world of craftsmanship to which we were all accustomed.

Who are they? Come and meet them at our pop-up!.

comments Roberta Ligossi, CEO and Co-Founder of TA-DAAN

Born in 2020 as a digital magazine, TA-DAAN has distinguished itself as an international reference point on social media regarding craftsmanship, creativity, and sustainability, boasting a community of over 250,000 people. In February 2023, TA-DAAN closed the first crowdfunding campaign, raising €805K.

TA-DAAN pop-up store apertif 2023

The main objective of ta-daan.com is to actively support the new generation of artisans through storytelling and content creation. More and more young people are approaching craftsmanship as producers and consumers, attracted by its slower and more sustainable approach to production.