New database of the hottest startups from Finland

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Online media Startup100 partners with Startup Foundation, Vainu, and Crunchbase to create Finland’s most transparent and comprehensive startup database

In the newly launched listings, anyone can view the latest funding rounds, exits and bankruptcies of Finnish startups.

Finnish online media Startup100, published by the non-profit association Startup Finland, has partnered up with the Startup Foundation (the owner of Slush), Finnish SaaS company Vainu, and the leading startup insights database Crunchbase to create a new database view of Finnish startups.

In the new views, anyone interested in Finnish companies can view the latest funding, exits and bankruptcies of Finnish startups – making Startup100 listing the most transparent and comprehensive listing in Finland.

Finland’s startup database

Startup100 has been publishing its trending startup listing since 2013 while collecting marketing and online visibility performance data of the startups. The new, more open data source aims to encourage companies to start their international marketing and PR operations soon after the startups have been founded. Encouraging founders to be open and public about their successes, and sometimes inevitable failures is at the core of the startup mindset.

Startup100’s popular website, newsletter, and social media channels have given hundreds of early-stage companies their first earned media visibility. We receive praises from the ecosystem for this listing on a monthly basis – not only the visibility, but companies appearing on the list have gotten concrete collaboration contacts from both investors and potential clients.

In 2020, one of the most prestigious Finnish paid business media stopped listing all startup funding news, so it was time to start rethinking how we can utilize all the data we have collected throughout the years. With the help of the new partnerships, we are able to give valuable insights to investors, journalists, and anyone interested in the Finnish ecosystem.

says Juhani Polkko, founder of Startup100.

One of the owners of Slush and a long-time Finnish ecosystem hero organization, Startup Foundation, is one of the new collaborators. They have watched the Finnish ecosystem grow and develop in the past ten years.

The Finnish startup ecosystem has developed from a few pioneer companies to a lively and vibrant ecosystem, which is one of the best ones in the world. Per capita, Finland is one of the top countries in the world for generating unicorns and attracting early-stage venture capital.

says the CEO of Startup Foundation, Jouni Lounasmaa.

With its new open database, Startup100 wants to help Finnish companies break some of the most severe bottlenecks in their growth – lack of financing in the scaling phase and the crippling need for top tech talent.

The ecosystem has many organizations and companies that hold their own databases on Finnish startups. Together with Startup100, we want to build a comprehensive and good quality database that publishes data that supports the ecosystem’s growth in the next 10 years. We believe that the next phase of our ecosystem will be all about impact startups that combine fast growth and sustainable thinking.

concludes Lounasmaa.

Going forward, Startup Finland’s mission is to continue developing the Startup100 media, as well as bringing together the many ecosystem organizations in the country.